Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns this site?

The Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism, or ROOST if you prefer fun acronyms.

Do we need another website for the Adirondacks?

No, but we think it's cool! Besides, it's built in a way that won't be in direct competition with all the other sites, while at the same time linking to more information.

People get to actually see how large and diverse the Adirondacks are - and maybe understand a little better how awesome it is.

How BIG are the Adirondacks?

The Adirondacks are part of a unique patchwork of private and public lands that covers over 6 million acres of New York State, and contains more than 2,000 miles of marked hiking trails, 3,000 lakes and ponds and 1,200 miles of rivers fed by 30,000 miles of brooks and streams.

At 6 million acres (or 6 million American football fields), it is the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous United States. It covers an area larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Glacier and the Great Smokies National Parks combined!

What's all this 'spin' business?

A 'spin' is what we call the interactive 360° photos.