Get with the times

by Kim Andresen

Get with the times

There's no denying it — the days are shorter, the nights are cooler, and there's a lot to love about fall in the Adirondacks.


Campin' at the Creek

Fish Creek is legendary. What started as 20 sites in 1926 is now 355 sites — with an almost booked-solid summer season!

The water was sparkling and shallow for a good 30 feet right in front of our site, making the water warm to splash around and swim. Water temperature is irrelevant to my kids, but I was pleasantly surprised...


Aflight in the valley

I woke in my sleeping bag to the sound of thunder and rain on the tent and I lay in the darkness listening while stroking Wren's soft ears and head. I had planned on getting up, but I didn't want to take down the tent in the rain and so I chose a more relaxing start to the day. And this delay didn't seem to matter much -- as I lay there I could hear Wood Thrushes calling low overhead as they migrated south beneath the gray ceiling of clouds along the St. Lawrence River. 



The nature of art

I love browsing in art galleries. Whether I'm looking for a gift a friend would love, or if I see something that calls to me in a way I never expected, our Adirondack combination of art and nature is always a pleasing sight.

And we have plenty of lovely nature to provide inspiration...


A perfect six pack

Lucky you! You’re in Lake Placid, the sun is shining, and the entire day lies ahead. The problem is, there’s a lot to do and never enough time to do it all. Don't worry! Six locals are here to offer up their versions of a perfect Lake Placid day. Get some ideas, then have fun inventing your own perfect day!


Adirondack inspired

An amazing sculptor once called Newcomb both her home and her inspiration.

Anna (Vaughn) Hyatt Huntington was known, both then and now, as an artist whose specialty was animal and garden figures.


Experience autumn

We are just as sad as you that summer seems to be coming to an end far too quickly. However, it doesn't mean the fun has to stop. There are tons of great events continuing through the fall!


A side of slide

I’m always looking for new corners of the Adirondacks to explore — considering how many corners this place has, I expect to be busy for a very long time!

Join our blogger as he embarks on a hike to Cooper Kiln Pond, followed by a side trip to the beautiful and accessible Wilmington Slide.


Staring at the sun

Even though I usually write about outdoor adventure, natural history exploration, and activities like birding and cross-country skiing, it was impossible not to be excited about the recent eclipse. After all, anyone interested in the outdoors and the natural world was likely outside enjoying it, at least for a spell, and given my work with birds and birding it occurred to me that ducks across the region are currently wearing what we call their eclipse plumage right now -- sorry, I had to slip birds in here somewhere.