Leaf peeping favorites and more

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by Kim Rielly

Leaf peeping favorites and more

You haven't seen color until you've seen an Adirondack autumn!


I wanna hold your hand

Fall is a wonderful time for a couple getaway.

The blazing foliage of our scenic vistas creates a fine reason to explore together, sharpened appetites in the cool air make for wonderful dining experiences, and snuggling in front of a roaring fire has a deservedly delightful reputation.

Here are some tips for making it fantastic.



Three fall favorites

I love to get out to see the changes in the leaves, but I like to explore a quiet area leaf peepers haven't discovered yet. The Tupper Triad is sure to be busy on the peak days, and benches will be filled with people in the park. The key is to find new spots to take in the beauty, that everyone may not know about...yet.

Read on to discover three great new leaf peeping spots this season. They're my favorite spots to take in the beauty! 



Fall top 5

Everyone's favorite part about autumn in our neck of the woods is the beautiful foliage. The point is that there is so much to do in Malone during this crisp, cool season. We have harvested a list of our favorite seasonal pages on our website -- take a look and come visit!



An equation for fun

September and October also bring some annual events and festivals that we look forward to every year. Here are three fall festivals that might entice you to visit:



Fall in focus

Fans of fall foliage, (and yes, I am one) can fall into well-worn paths of enjoyment. Sometimes it is a great advantage to shake up the usual and take the road, or hike, or paddle...less traveled.

One of the appeals of the Schroon Lake region is how very much fall we have, and in beautiful settings, too.

This can be just a bit overwhelming. Here's some concepts which can help you get your arms around it. And take it home.



Boatload of scenery

We all piled into the boat and took our first-ever ride on Piseco. It is a beautiful, long lake that seems to go on forever. 



Scenic Wilmington drives

Of course you know how to look at leaves! Or do you?

Because the Whiteface Region has so many gorgeous options, so many acres of foliage, and so much blazing color, choosing a spot can feel overwhelming.

Here are some tips for a fantastic fall getaway.



Dapper Flappers

I love the the Roaring Twenties. This was an amazing era in American history, when what we think of as modern life really began.

The Saranac Lake Laboratory Museum has a new exhibit which features the experience of staying at a 1920’s hotel. This activity, commonplace to most of us, was relatively new to people back then, along with cars, home appliances, and talking on the telephone.