Upper Hudson Recreation Hub - Towns

Upper Hudson Recreation Hub - Towns

Explore Long Lake, Newcomb, North Hudson, Minerva, Schroon and Indian Lake

Upper Hudson Recreation Hub - Towns



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North HudsonNew York

North Hudson was settled rather late, being officially formed from Moriah on April 12, 1848. While considered too rugged for agriculture, being judged in 1885 as “only about one-eighth is adapted to cultivation,” there were abundant hemlock trees for tanning, and there was a tavern there early on, shortly after the first settler arrived around 1800. This mix of practicality and festivity continued to be characteristic of the area, with Russell Root arriving in 1812 and building a...

NewcombNew York

Not every town gets reborn as many times as Newcomb has. The area was historically claimed by both Iroquois and Algonquin tribes until it was settled around 1816. Then it occupied the frontier between colonial New York and New France, functioning as a lumber town until large iron ore deposits were discovered nearby in 1826. This led to the creation of the mining community of Tahawus, now a famous ghost town. Much of Tahawus was moved to Newcomb in 1963, when a large seam of ...

Long LakeNew York

Long Lake, New York Those who visit Long Lake, NY want to keep this unspoiled wilderness playground a secret for themselves. So please, only share the details of this amazing Adirondack vacation destination with your closest friends!  A family-friendly Adirondack paradise The Town of Long Lake is named for the expansive body of water that flows for 14 miles through what is pretty much the geographic center of the Adirondack Park. Long Lake is a pristine, family-friendly ...

Indian LakeNew York

Nestled in the Adirondacks, the Town of Indian Lake is a robust community offering exciting attractions, a vibrant heritage and easy-access outdoor recreation. Dubbed "The Whitewater Capital of New York State," Indian Lake proudly lives up to its reputation as visitors flock to this quaint Adirondack town every year for a little adrenaline rush. An Authentic Adirondack Community The community of Indian Lake has all of the ingredients of an authentic Adirondack community....

MinervaNew York

Minerva is a place that's rich in history. Surrounded by wilderness, at one point it was solely populated by the town's founder, American Revolutionary War soldier Ebenezer West, and his five sons. In 1808, Solomon Northup was born there. The free-born African-American went to the local schools and later became famous for his book "Twelve Years a Slave," which was published in 1853. It detailed how he had been kidnapped and sold into slavery for 12 years before...

Schroon LakeNew York

Schroon Lake has always been a classic resort destination, with the lake full of boaters and the dance halls full of revelers. As the 20th century aged through both World Wars, its stylish hotels and famous summer camps served as the template for cultural memories. The summer romance, Schroon Lake style, was immortalized in the 1958 musical “Marjorie Morningstar,” some of which was filmed on location in Schroon Lake. While the giant resort hotels that once dominated the...