Dawn Patrol Season 2

The sun rises yet again

The Dawn Patrol series is back! This video series from Adirondacks, USA follows incredible locals as they share their love for the Adirondacks and their passion for unique outdoor adventures. Ice climbing before most people have had their coffee? Done. Fly fishing in the Ausable River as the sun rises? No problem. Follow along for a dose of Adirondack inspiration and some incredible early morning views along the way. 

Check out the new season below, or click the link to watch season one of Dawn Patrol.

Episode 1: David

While many of us are tucked in bed or making an early breakfast, David Hughes is out hiking. To him, nothing is better than getting up and pushing yourself to tackle a big adventure first thing in the morning. Follow David as he experiences dawn on an Adirondack trail.

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Episode 2: Sarah

It's pretty obvious that Sarah Keyes is no typical athlete. It takes dedication to wake up and run before most people have snoozed their alarms. That's what makes her unique. On this episode of Dawn Patrol, follow Sarah Keyes as she explains the special feeling of running before the sun.

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Episode 3: Dan and Willie

Dan and Willie know that time spent in nature is time well spent. That's why they make the effort to get out on their snowmobiles and ride as much as possible. A good old fashion dose of "Adirondack therapy" is filling every spare minute doing the things you love. Follow them as they show you what they love in this episode of Dawn patrol.

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Episode 4: Bobby

Not many people find themselves 200 feet up a wall of ice before the morning sun crests over the mountains. For Bobby O'Connor, this is what it's all about. Hear him speak about his spirit for adventure and the gratification of an early morning climb in this episode of Dawn Patrol.

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Episode 5: Taylor and Josh

Taylor Roberge and Josh Pickering wake up early so that they can experience more. They spend their extra waking hours trawling and fishing the bodies of water surrounding and interconnecting Tupper Lake. They watch, learn, and seek out every opportunity for an adventure before the work day begins. 

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Episode 6: Brian

Paddling is an intimate activity: being close to the water and feeling it underneath you as you move. Brian Baulsir combines that sensation with his love of bass fishing for an early morning on Lake Champlain. Follow Brian as he talks about how he got there and the creation of the Adirondack Kayak Bass Fishing Club.

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Episode 7: Evan

For Evan Bottcher, the Ausable River runs in his family. Follow Evan as he watches the wilderness wake with the sun, and hear how three generations have now stood in that spot fishing the Ausable.

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