ADK for the holidays!

by Kim Andresen

ADK for the holidays!

What’s on your holiday wish list? Our bloggers are shopping, running, dancing, and partying their way through the week! 


9 perfectly Placid plans

If you've ever taken a moment to imagine what it's like to live in a snow globe, Lake Placid is about as perfect an answer as you'll find. From quaint storefronts and friendly neighbors, to celebrations of all things winter and, of course, plenty of snow to play in, we can't think of a better way to describe this charming village. 

Our blogger highlights 9 reasons we thinks Lake Placid is the perfect choice for your next winter getaway! 


6 top Tupper events

With our first heavy snowfall upon us, anticipation for winter events and activities is at an all time high. Our cross-country ski trails are starting to be groomed, there are snowmobile tracks across town, and snowbanks are lining the streets. Outdoor winter gear is being pulled out of the garage and getting a tune-up for the upcoming spree of cold-weather events in Tupper Lake. 

Ready to discover how we have fun in the winter? Check out this overview of some of our favorite annual happenings, and a couple of new and exciting events we've added to the list! 


5 for live music

Wilmington is full of surprises. On the surface, it looks like a quiet, well-kept village, but there’s a lot more beneath the surface. Wilmington is also a place where the towering mass of Whiteface Mountain dominates the horizon, mountain biking enthusiasts cut trails across steep slopes, and bands begin playing when the craft beers start flowing.

The next time you visit, don’t call it a night after your last run. Scope out these five venues and cap off your day in style.


4 personalities

We all know people who are just impossible to shop for. Well, let me break down the perfect Adirondack gifts — by personality!

From adrenaline junkie to introvert, the heart of the Adirondacks has got you covered when it comes to great gift ideas.


1 fun run

In the midst of the forever-wild Adirondacks, there is a grand entrance to The Fitness Trail, located in Newcomb, New York, just off of Route 28N. It's a great tune-up trail for your body and mind to prepare for the winter running season.


6 cool gifts

Lets do this!

With less than a week until Christmas, its time to check those final things off your gift list. In Saranac Lake, shopping downtown offers a low-pressure experience and so many different options. Plus, smaller stores mean shorter lines.

So, go! Find the ideal gift, make it meaningful…and get back to enjoying the holiday season. Here are six gifts for those types sure to be on your list...


3 holiday shopping highlights

There are so many interesting places to shop in the Malone area, but three places stand out when it comes to the holiday season.

Whether you are looking for the right tree, a place where you can make your own gifts, or a museum shop that is rooted deep in the history of the country, I want to share these three special places.


2 the top: snow or no snow

It might seem like an unpromising time for exploration. An in-between time -- past the hiking trails of summer and not yet consistently fluffy enough for the snowshoeing and cross-country trails of deep winter.

But with the right preparation and an adventurous mindset, these times can be just as rewarding. They offer advantages that happen only in those in-between times.

You could, like me, become a fan of between season hiking. As seen on a recent hike to Belfry Mountain and its fire tower.


The ADKs are a happenin' place!

Check out this sampler of awesome upcoming events!

Festival of Trees 
Dec. 20-23 and 27-30 

Village of Lights 
Dec. 20-23 

Winter Solstice Party 
Dec. 22 

Holiday Art Show - Off the Wall 
Dec. 23 

Christmas Holiday Camp 
Dec. 27-29 

Stars on Ice 
Dec. 30 

Titus New Year's Eve 
Dec. 31 

Oak Mountain's New Year's Eve Celebration 
Dec. 31