Bundle up - here it comes!

by Kim Andresen

Bundle up - here it comes!

Who says you can't have a little fun with your holiday prep?


Sit, coast, ride

It's not too early to start dreaming of the white stuff. Our snow is something special.

Here in the Adirondacks, snow isn't something that's mushy and ugly and just gets in our way. Our snow is fluffy and pretty, and it creates a superhighway to many thrilling forms of fun.

Experience the difference.


Grinch be gone

t's possible... that you are not a fan of this particular holiday. Perhaps it's that struggle through the mall crowds. Maybe you once got sick on Grandma's ribbon candy. Or it was those nightmares after watching "Bad Santa" way too late one night.

Whatever the reason, Lake Placid understands. That is why there's the Holiday Village Stroll. This weekend event has all the great stuff holiday fans love, then puts a different spin on it to make the Grinches feel a little more tolerant.

People who dislike the fakery of snow from a can and recorded "ho-ho-hos" on a loop will be pleasantly surprised by our real village, with real snow, amidst real mountains. After all, Santa and his reindeer live only 15 minutes away, at the North Pole.


Back to nature

After a blend of hazelnut/chocolate coffee and a hearty, thoughtfully prepared, ham and cheese omelette breakfast, I set out early for my outing. Not five minutes into my journey, poised on the side of the road is a doe, regal in its timid stance, waiting to cross the road.

I am grateful she saw me and I her. I remind myself that deer move from dusk until dawn, and this silvery blue autumn cloud cover has stretched the dawn hours on this crisp morning.

So now, with a heightened sense of things that only nature can provide, I conclude that in the Adirondacks you are constantly reminded that what you see is not a statue or a billboard — it is real, it has breath, and this is its home.


Naughty or nice

Did you know Santa lives right here, in the Whiteface region at The North Pole? We decided to ask him some important questions...

Dear Santa,

Please help us answer a few questions the children have. They understand you work hard all year round getting toys ready for Christmas Day. They understand that your reindeer are magic and can fly from rooftop to rooftop, but they feel there are some things the storybooks just don't cover. Please answer the questions the children have asked here, so we can share them with the world!


Cold-weather options

We are just getting our first official snowfall, so now is the time to get prepared so you are not caught off guard! 

If you own your own snowmobiles, now is the time to get them registered, insured, and serviced! A New York state DMV can help get your sleds registered for use on state snowmobile trails, but did you know you can save money on your registration by joining a local snowmobile club?  


Old genes

This is a photograph of an actual "safe arrival card" from a Malone area soldier. When they reported to their ship taking them to Europe for WWI, they were issued a pre-printed card. Once signed and addressed to the folks back home, it would be mailed when the ship docked. This let families know their son had made it at least that far.

Imagine if that card had the signature of your ancestor. I find such tangible evidence of a personal past to be fascinating.


Duck, duck, goose

With waterfowl and other migrating birds on the move, and after our Cave Swallow find a few days earlier, Wren and I took advantage of another great day to go birding in the Champlain Valley, this time along the southern portion of the lake. We began at Westport Boat Launch, where there was a nice selection of ducks on North West Bay including Buffleheads, Mallards, American Black Ducks, Common Mergansers, and Common Goldeneye. There were also quite a few Horned Grebes, a trend that would continue throughout the day.


Artful evening

The first Friday of every month, the galleries of downtown Saranac Lake host art openings, highlighting their featured artists and providing an opportunity to mingle and discuss. My girlfriend and I consider this a favorite activity. It's a great time for us to go off and have a girls' night.

Saranac Lake is an art town. Photography, painting, jewelry, and crafts of all kinds pop up throughout our downtown. Some of our favorite dining fits in seamlessly as we wander through the different venues.

All of it is walkable.


The ADKs are a happening place!

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