Flannel & Foliage - Why You Don't Want To Miss Fall in the ADKs

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by Michael Martineau

Flannel & Foliage - Why You Don't Want To Miss Fall in the ADKs

Breathe deep, blink your eyes a few times, and let that ear-to-ear smile shine. Fall is here in the Adirondacks.

Fall in the Adirondacks is flannel season! Flannel and the Adirondacks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Take away one of these ingredients and it throws everything off. Why? It’s hard to convey in words, so we figured we’d show you instead and amplify those warm, fuzzy feelings inside.

Happy Fall Flannel Foliage season everyone!


Take A Scenic Drive

Dig out those flannels and hop in the car for a scenic drive through the Adirondacks!


Make Pit Stops

Warning: multiple stops will occur, because views.


Take In The Views

The beauty of the Adirondacks will pull you out of the car and make you explore!


Explore The Adirondacks

From meadows to forests, new surprises pop up around every corner.


Don't Forget Your Camera

You definitely don’t want to leave your camera at home.


Relax By The Fire

Maybe you just want to make a fire and relax.


Catch Your Own Dinner

Maybe you want to throw a line into a river, lake, or pond and catch dinner.


Experience Genuine Happiness

Whatever activity you choose in the Adirondacks, it will be hard to get that smile off your face.


Dancing Is Encouraged

And if the weather doesn’t cooperate, so be it. Just dance in the rain on a log in a lake.


Live In The Moment

So, are you picturing yourself here yet? Because the leaves are turning and those flannel shirts aren’t going to wear themselves. Otherwise you’ll just have to settle for daydreaming about the Adirondacks — and trust me, you don’t want to miss out on flannel season here.