Holiday cheer is here!

by Kim Andresen

Holiday cheer is here!

We're getting ready for the holidays, how about you?


Old-fashioned Thanksgiving

The first formal proclamation of Thanksgiving in America was on March 16, 1776. It was issued by John Hancock in his position as President of the Continental Congress. This was during the American Revolution, a time of uncertainty. People needed to gather together.

The enjoyment of Thanksgiving has not changed. But since 1776, there have been some striking changes in the details...


Mall Schmall

I grew up loving the mall. I remember all of my shopping took place there, in the world of suburban chain stores. The food court and the big glitzy stores, indoors. I could spend an entire day at a mall. I moved to the Adirondacks in my twenties and I didn't know what I would do without the fancy shopping malls. I was a retail junkie, a commercial, cookie-cutter-shopper junkie. I have changed.


Heaven on earth

This year, after a rainy (and cool) spring and summer, autumn gave birth to warm days, cool nights, and a festival of colors in the mountains. The extended good weather gave us more opportunities to take advantage of all our area has to offer. Now, as the days are getting shorter and the stars shine a bit brighter into the early morning hours, we can take time to reflect on our good fortune and be grateful for a place that offers us these sensual feasts!


Adirondack yarns

A place this full of history needs people to tell its stories, which is why we are fortunate enough to have a rich supply of historians, songwriters, and storytellers. One such famed Adirondack Storyteller is Inlet's own Mitch Lee. 


Thrifty shopper

If you like hunting for the unexpected in unique kinds of shops, the Whiteface Region has a little shop with a magic reputation.

The Riverside Thrift Store can look like an unlikely spot for so much enjoyment. Yet, over and over, friends and family have come back from there with things that were totally unexpected, and it turned out, completely irresistible.



In 1934, the first snow train brought 378 winter enthusiasts to North Creek where they skied this natural bowl of snow. Now, groomed trails offer alpine skiing, a half pipe and boarder/skierX earthen course, Nordic skiing, and snowshoeing.


Shop here!

Shopping at small, local businesses is always fun no matter what season it is. The Malone area offers a unique array of options that are ideal for the holiday season and can nicely supplement your trip to Titus for downhill fun. From warm outdoor gear to the perfect gift to give, the variety of shops in Malone will pique any interest


Remembering fall

A splendid paddle, Little Clear Pond is one of the entrance points into the St. Regis Canoe Area. While we only had a couple hours to play - and not the few days necessary to explore the canoe area -- the pond offered plenty of interesting features and coves to keep us occupied. And while the seasonal turnover of the lake and the autumn wind made the water more turbid than the usual clarity that helped give its name, the lake was no less picturesque and the often busy parking area was largely empty, meaning we had the pond to ourselves.


The ADKs are a happening place!

Check out a sampler of our upcoming events!

Turkey Trot 
Nov. 23 

Inlet's ADK Christmas 
Nov. 24-26 

Josee Allard and Friends 
Nov. 25 

ArtWorks Studio Tours 
Nov. 25 

IBSF Para-bobsleigh World Cup 
Nov. 27 

Holiday Train 
Nov. 27 

Gore's: Why not Wednesday?
Nov. 29

Santa's Workshop: Village of Lights
Dec. 3 (and more!)