Pre-holiday fun!

by Kim Andresen

Pre-holiday fun!

We're thinking snow — and treasure hunting, hockey, and donuts. Won't you join us?


The Holiday Train

Every year, in late November — this year it's locally on Monday, November 27 — The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train of Lights winds its way along the Adirondack Coast with stops in Ticonderoga and Port Henry.... For 19 years its mission has been to raise money, food, and awareness for local food banks and food shelves. It is estimated that over the years they have collected close to 4 million pounds of food for local food banks at their stops throughout the US and Canada. 


Lake Placid Loves hockey

It all began when my dad gave me a pair of figure skates. These weren’t just figure skates; no, these were better! My dad ground the toe pick down all the way and referred to them from there on out as hockey skates. Next, he cut down a tree branch and carved it into what resembled a hockey stick, then he pushed me off, onto the ice of our little pond behind the house. He didn’t quite know what exactly was going to become of this, but from there on out my parents and I practically lived at the rink.


Here Comes Winter!

OK, I know what you're thinking: No. Way.

  • "I just got done trick or treating with the kids."
  • "I'm still fighting with my spouse over that last Reeses Peanut Butter Cup."
  • "I have 17 relatives coming for Thanksgiving dinner!"

But...YES  WAY! Now is the time to start planning a snowmobiling getaway in the Adirondacks! This time of year, it is possible for snow in the Adirondacks to go from zero to two feet in just 24 hours.


Craft Fair Shopping

The weekend of November 18 and 19 is going to be a special one for hunters. Gift and treasure hunters, that is.  This is the weekend for both Holiday Craft Fairs, one in Schroon Lake and another two-day fair in Newcomb.
Craft fairs might be my favorite place to shop for gifts for people I love, and to find things I love.


Fresh Donuts, Here!

The Washboard Donut Shop is a staple in Tupper Lake, and has been for over 25 years now. The Shenandoa Indian Store, The Laundromat, and The Donut Shop have been located on Park Street (yes, in the same building) since 1990, when the owner bought the building.


A Biking Adventure

As the saying goes, “Wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.” In this case one day made a huge difference. The previous day I biked with friends on part of the Oregon Trail, and it was cold. We even had layers and gloves on, and our feet were cold. The next day, the weather was grand and I was ready to bike again.

Our plan was to bike on Keese Mills road, but as soon as we parked our cars in the area below St. Gabriel's Church, my friend suggested another route. We headed toward Saranac Lake on Route 86, then we took a left near the Brighton Town Hall onto Jones Pond Road, Route 31. Memories flashed as we passed the town hall — years ago I attended the teen dances and 4H meetings held there while growing up in Paul Smiths...


History Lives Here

Do you have family from Franklin County? Anyone with an interest in genealogy should consider a visit to the Schryer Center. This is an extensive library of Franklin County history, with a special emphasis on family history.

Above is a photograph of an actual "safe arrival card" from a Malone area soldier. When they reported to their ship taking them to Europe for WWI, they were issued a pre-printed card. Once signed and addressed to the folks back home, it would be mailed when the ship docked. This let families know their son had made it at least that far.


Celebrate With Santa

For some places in the world, it’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit until late November or even December....

Well, not in Wilmington, New York. This quaint town is home to the North Pole. Here, it’s OK to think about Christmas any time of year. This is a magical place, where there is always holiday spirit. The hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts in Wilmington are dressed up year round with candy canes on doors, Santa’s sleighs, and beautiful wreaths made from pines fresh from the forest. Everything here is authentic.