'Tis The Season

by Kim Andresen

'Tis The Season

This week finds us planning, prepping, picking, and playing our way around the ADK!


Stick to the theme

Who invented the theme park? Such a complicated question will have many answers, but the Adirondacks' own Arto Monaco could make a compelling case that it was himself.

The Adirondacks were once crowded with his creations. There was Old McDonald’s Farm in Lake Placid, Frontier Town in North Hudson, The Land of Makebelieve in Upper Jay, and Gaslight Village in Pottersville first, and later, in Lake George. Storytown became what is now known as The Great Escape. The only one still in operation is Santa’s Workshop in Wilmington, which was constructed in 1947, predating California's DisneyLand, which opened in 1955.


Cabins with character

Everyone has a picture in their head of that delightful "cabin in the woods." This is a wonderful choice for a classic Adirondack experience, whether you are thinking of a couple's getaway that is all about the skiing and snuggling, or seeking a family adventure, with snowshoeing and s'mores around a firepit.

Considering a cabin also contains more options than you might think. Just as everyone has their own favorite candy choice when presented with a chocolate sampler, our range of possible cabins offers a lot of variety.

Here are a few to consider...


Prep to play

C'mon, everyone! Get ready for some winter fun!
(And maybe cross a few gift purchases off your list!)

When I woke up this morning, it was 4 degrees. There's also a nice 2-inch layer of fresh snow on the ground.

So...There might still be Thanksgiving turkey in the fridge but winter is a-comin' and that means....SNOW SEASON IN THE ADIRONDACKS!

Are YOU ready?


Thrifty trails

Our farmers' markets are more than a source of great produce. They can be a treasure hunt for arts and crafts. But when fall's harvest season draws to a close, there's no need to give up the hunt.

We also have a lovely variety of thrift stores and vintage shops.

On a recent hunt, I toured the Lake Champlain Region offerings, from Keeseville in the north to Ticonderoga in the south. There are listings and even a handy map on our thrift store page.

It's a gorgeous scenic drive, taking Route 22, and then Route 9, all the way along the Lake Champlain coast.


Snow fun and all

To a lot of people, winter is not a season for fun. But maybe... you just haven't gone to the right place, or tried it in the right way.
Sometimes, it can be amazing to simply shift your perspective.

There's a saying in the Adirondacks that goes, "There's no bad weather, only bad dressing for it." I have found this to be very true...

In addition, a lot of our winter weather is much less chilly than it looks. The alpine climate has dry air, which does not conduct the cold. A sunny day with no wind means coat open and sunglasses on, in great comfort.

Don't look at the temperature number. Look at what the trees are doing. The still air of winter keeps the chill enclosed, just as the moisture in the air has been locked into the frost, snow, and ice.


On the move

With waterfowl migration in full swing, it is always a good idea to head to the St. Lawrence River to see what's moving along the water. And so, Wren and I did just that on a chilly but clear, late-November day. 

We began at Wilson Hill Wildlife Management Area where recent weeks have been filled with ducks on the impoundments. As I arrived I could see that our cold nights had frozen much of East Pool over, but there was still a small opening of water along the west side of the causeway and it held a variety of duck species as a result - including American Wigeon, Mallard, Northern Pintail, Green-winged Teal, and Hooded Merganser. A flock of Canada Geese dominated much of the ice and the shoreline, but I was unable to pull any unusual goose species from the flock.

In contrast, the water on the east side of the causeway was wide open, and along with ducks like Common Mergansers, it held a family group of 5 Tundra Swans - not an easy species to find along much of the river


Rock on!

The Adirondacks are a geological treasure chest. They are an extension of the Canadian Shield, one of the world's largest continental shields.

These mountains, rivers, and lakes have the ancient magma, glacial errata, and billion years old rocks that make for fine hunting. Iron ore seams, dramatic sandstone layers, and plenty of igneous minerals add up to a delightful mix of opportunities.


Counteract the calories

As the holiday season is in full swing, I find myself indulging in cookies and pies and every sweet known to man. How can I not? They are too good to pass up. It all starts with Halloween candy (I eat more than I pass out to kids), then the goodies at Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas cookies and sweets. Next thing I know it's New Years and just like so many others, I'm thinking about my resolution of working out every day and eating better. 

Of course, we know it's hard to work in exercise during the busy holiday season, and add traveling and vacation into the mix, and you might be tempted to put off your workout. No need!


The ADKs are a happening place!

Here's a sampler of our upcoming events!

"Drop Everything" Movie Night 
Dec. 7 

The Art of Winter Art Show Opening 
Dec. 8 

Santa's Lighted Fire Truck Parade 
Dec. 8 

Old Tyme Christmas Celebration 
Dec. 8 

6th annual Holiday Fair at Oak Mountain 
Dec. 8 

Holiday Village Stroll 
Dec. 8-10 

Christmas in Essex 
Dec. 8-10 

Santa Skis Free 
Dec. 10