Top blogs of 2017!

by Kim Andresen

Top blogs of 2017!

As the year winds to a close we can’t help but look back on our 2017 ADK adventures. From life lessons to pure fun, here are a few highlights from the past year. Cheers!


Destination: procrastination


I have to stop. It's a compulsion. Whether I am heading north or south on the Adirondack Northway, as soon as I see the signs — you know the ones — I have an intense urge to flip on my blinker. Suddenly I realize I am hungry, thirsty, need gas, or need to stretch my legs. Mostly, I just need my dose of Schroon Lake.

This past week, in the frenzy of summer travels, I had two such occasions to visit my favorite little Adirondack town. I never pass up the opportunity — you shouldn't either! If you're heading north, take Exit 27 to Route 9. Trust me.


Easy does it

There aren’t many places where you can get a big payoff from a small investment — luckily, Lake Placid isn’t most places. Sure, the High Peaks offer some of the most outstanding views anywhere, but they also take the better part of a day to hike. Try one of these easier hikes, and use that extra energy to explore downtown.


Get out and art

Here in Saranac Lake, we are all about art. Even when it escapes the gallery and flutters around everywhere. It can turn up in unexpected places.

Our downtown area is a great place to hunt for it, too. Along with the hot beverages and fresh, made-on-the-premises, pastry, there's plenty of "food for the soul."

Our collection of galleries and shops live to set free a creative spirit. Here are some of the ways we can do that for you.


Live and learn: ADK style

As a mom of three, I am always looking for family activities that are both fun and educational. When it comes to planning that much-anticipated getaway, I often find myself searching for new places to visit -- museums, historical sites, and/or the opportunity to immerse them in a different culture often top the list. I admit, I'm always trying to find ways to make them think they are simply having fun exploring, when in reality they are also learning all sorts of new things.  

Recently, I was talking with some friends and fellow parents, and we ended up on the subject of lessons we teach our children without even knowing it. After that, I began to think about all of the things that my husband and I have taught our children on the lakes and trails of the Adirondack Mountains. From fishing and hiking, to simply spending a day at the beach - the life lessons that a child can learn while connecting with nature (and one another), can be the most empowering lessons any parent can wish to teach their child.


Motorcycles and mountains

If country roads that meander alongside flowing rivers with a backdrop of majestic mountains sounds like a good place to ride a motorcycle, you’re in luck. We’ll even throw in a side trip to the top of an Adirondack peak. 

Yup, you’re in for a first rate tour of the Whiteface Region. 


Four takes on Titus

With 50 trails spread across three mountains, there is a lot to love about Titus Mountain! To learn more, we asked four of our bloggers to give us an insider's perspective on why it's their top pick when the urge to carve some turns hits. Here's what they had to say.


Catch of the day

It was a fight for the ages, a battle of wits that ended with the triumph of man over beast. I caught a fish. But it wasn’t just any fish — this was a beautiful, 30-inch long lake trout that weighed about 12 pounds. 

A catch of that caliber might not have excited a hardier fisherman; a hardy fisherman I am not. Most of my adventures involve walking and climbing, and since this was my first time fishing on Lake Champlain I was ecstatic about reeling in the Big One.


Caving Kunjamuk

After what seemed like weeks and weeks of non-stop rain, we finally got some much needed sunshine in the Adirondacks. So,  I grabbed my friend Steven and his dog Theo and we went to check out Kunjamuk Cave. Steven hadn't been there since he was a little kid, and I had never been — but I've always wanted to check it out. We loaded up and headed out. 


The ADKs are a happenin' place

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