Wanted: casual explorers

by Kim Rielly

Wanted: casual explorers

Yeah, we like to take it easy too, but that doesn't mean missing out on great views, entertainment, and adventure! 


Easy does it

There aren’t many places where you can get a big payoff from a small investment — luckily, Lake Placid isn’t most places. Sure, the High Peaks offer some of the most outstanding views anywhere, but they also take the better part of a day to hike. Try one of these easier hikes, and use that extra energy to explore downtown. 



Birding Quebec Brook

I'd been planning to check out Quebec Brook with my canoe ever since the DEC managed to renegotiate the access with a local landowner, so when a friend of mine contacted me and said she and a couple other folks were hoping to go there, it was an easy choice to join them.



5 summer hotspots

Before we give in and accept that our summer days are coming to an end and fall is close, let's take advantage of the last few weeks of summer. Have you done everything you set out to do? Good news -- you still have a chance. 



Dip your hooves

It was an 83-degree summer afternoon when I took my most recent trip to Moose Pond. It is rare to find people who can participate in an impromptu stand up paddleboard trip mid-week. It was because of this that my only paddling companion on this day was the rubber duck who accompanies me on all my paddling trips: Devo Duck. 



Small-town fun

When is comes to the Adirondacks, you may think of some of the larger towns like Long Lake or Speculator. But here, we are also famous for our small towns!



Birding the La Chute

Our birding trip had already been successful when the group I was leading turned its attention to the La Chute River for a canoe trip into Ti Marsh. In fact, we had done so well that we were running late and we had difficulty pulling ourselves away from the birds we were enjoying — although that is the usual state of affairs for such adventures. 



4 Schroon stories

Schroon Lake is a lot of things. On the surface, it’s a water-studded region that’s ringed by mountains and blanketed in forest. Last week, my wife Anna and I looked a little deeper and discovered it’s also the kind of place that attracts interesting people. By visiting four different places, we heard four different stories from people who love this region.



Rockin' Pourman's

It was a good night.

My band, Crowfeather, was getting ready to play at Pourman's Tap House in Wilmington, and the room wasn't empty. It's what anyone who's about to perform wants to see: Every time I looked up, the room looked slightly more crowded — friends and strangers mingled, and the energy level was high.