Winter in the Adirondacks brings all the feels

by Michael Martineau

Winter in the Adirondacks brings all the feels

Winter rolled into the Adirondacks quickly this year. For some, a little too quickly. For others, not quickly enough. I’m always ready for winter myself. Go ahead, roll your eyes and think to yourself, “Ugh! Why?” Winter and the Adirondacks just fit so ideally together. Something about the colder temperatures, clear, starry skies, and snow covered landscapes connects with me. Not to mention it’s a winter sports enthusiast’s paradise. It gives me “all the feels” as the millennial generation likes to say. What kind of feels? It can be hard to convey the types of emotions that arise during wintery months in the Adirondacks, so, rather than telling you, let me show you. 



The long, warm, sunny days have passed. But don’t go into hibernation mode - embrace the early darkness!



When the forests transform into winter wonderlands, it’s hard not to get those warm fuzzy feelings in your gut. Take your significant other by the hand and explore the beauty of winter here.



What better way to warm up to winter than with a cup of hot chocolate or some other hot, sweet holiday drink (hot toddy anyone?). It’s pure joy in a cup. Don’t fight it.



Soak in the spirit of the Games that took place not once, but twice within the Adirondacks. You’ll probably be overcome with copious amounts of U.S.A. pride.



Sitting next to a roaring fire when its cold and snowy outside just makes sense. Wouldn’t you agree?



I mean, come on. How could you not be taken aback by the beauty of the Adirondacks during winter?