Wolf yoga, wooden bears, and more!

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by Kim Rielly

Wolf yoga, wooden bears, and more!

Yoga was a howling good time, the oddities are unbearably unique, and the ski season is upon us!


Marsh flocks

I headed to the Lake Champlain Region — where north winds raced waves and whitecaps across the lake. I began in Westport, where the wastewater treatment facility sits along Hoisington Brook. There weren’t any odd species of gulls in the flock, nor did the Canada Geese hide anything of note, but a small flock of Yellow-rumped Warblers (seemingly ubiquitous all day) held more kinglets and Blue-headed Vireos.


Hike of the week

Short days are perfect for short hikes. Take the 1.6 mile trail to the Balanced Rocks on Pitchoff Mt. in Lake Placid, explore the boulders, and get back before sundown.



Driving through the Adirondacks, no matter what time of year, is always beautiful. But if you've ever driven though our little towns, you have probably seen a few of our roadside oddities. And if not, maybe it's time to take a drive! 


Stretches with wolves

It's not the usual yoga class.

Yoga with wolves happens every Wednesday at the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge and Rehabilitation Center. It uses their new educational center, which has a wall with many windows. This new space is now a transparent part of their wolf enclosure.


Loop through history

If you love scenic biking loops through cute little towns, past mighty rivers, and into deep forest, Teddy's Trail is an 80 mile bike loop you must try.


Something fishy

I was anxious to get on my bike to enjoy the fall weather and get some exercise. I wanted to pack a lunch and bike on a paved road not too far from home. I thought, "Why not head to Fish Creek Campgrounds!" It is only 15 minutes north of Tupper Lake on Route 30.


Ski in, ski out

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time (not enough) in one of the ski chalets at Titus Mountain Family Ski Center. It was a perfect getaway and retreat from the busy life I am more accustomed to. From the minute I pulled into the driveway to the sad moment I left, I felt the calmness and serenity that only this type of lodging experience can provide.


Video of the week

Fall in Saranac Lake


Photo of the week

Mount Adams Fire tower, Newcomb, adirondacks, usa.