Chill out ADK style

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by Kim Andresen

Chill out ADK style

As the cold settles into the ADKs, our bloggers turn the heat up with some fun activities!


Olympic Mountain: from glacier to gold

Before the Olympics, before the Veteran’s Memorial Highway, before it was even a mountain, Whiteface was buried under an imposing sheet of ice. That was a billion years ago, and the immense weight of a glacier was slowly receding and shaping the Adirondacks.

As the last Ice Age came to a close, glaciers retreated north across what is now New York state, carving mountains and valleys as they went. The scouring of the landscape shaped the land and revealed some interesting things that were previously buried.


The Adirondack Cocktail: the way great-grandpa made it

As the third day in a row of single digit temperatures progresses, I wonder if the heat from the simmering pot of beans and ham hock on the stove is enough to take the chill off of the kitchen. I consider lighting a fire in the wood stove, but decide what might be nicer is a cup of golden spring-time sunshine to warm me up.

If you are a regular reader of the Lake Champlain Region blog, you know we have many fine spots to enjoy a cocktail, but here is one you'll love making at home for an authentic Adirondack flavor. Gather your ingredients on your next travels along the Adirondack Coast, and then settle in for a night — or morning — with a true taste of the mountains.

The Adirondack Cocktail is a drink that goes back, back, far back, into our history...


Warm up: Adirondack indoors

We are right in the thick of winter here in the Adirondacks and let me tell you what, it has been COLD! There have been many consecutive nights of negative temperatures — some nights as low as -20, with wind chills closer to -40! 

While there are tons of great outdoor activities in the Adirondacks, after a few hours of playing in the snow you may just want to do something inside.  Here are a few ideas to keep you toasty!


Free cross-country ski trails: newbies welcome

Where you choose to ski depends on your ability. In Tupper Lake, we have many great cross-country ski trails! If you are a beginner you would be wise to select an area with flat terrain. If you have been out and feel comfortable on flat terrain, why not up it a notch with a little challenge? Someplace with some small hills is a great place for you to practice different techniques such as the snowplow and herring bone. And, if you have experienced some small hills and want an even better workout you may want to try longer routes with larger hills.


Gore Mountain: great meeting spot

'Twas the week after Christmas — and I had a new set of skis waiting to hit the slopes! My usual stomping grounds are farther north but after visiting Gore Mountain for the first time last season, I was excited to do some more exploring.

Just an hour-and-a-half north of Albany and two hours south of me, it’s the perfect mid-point for myself and my downstate friends to meet. So on a particularly chilly -10 degree morning I packed the car and headed out. 


Awesome backcountry trails: beginner to expert

Did you know, besides dozens of miles of hiking trails, the High Peaks also have designated backcountry ski trails? You’ll find an all-encompassing range of difficulty levels here, so be sure to know your ability level before heading out. Many of the five trails listed below are serious endeavors that should only be attempted by those with the proper skills and gear. Be prepared and be safe!


New to you: cool thrift shopping

As I got ready for my thrift shop expedition, my husband cautioned me, "Now don't go crazy."

I don't know why he is always asking this of me. I consider my enjoyments to be springing from enthusiasm, and there's nothing wrong with enthusiasm. Like in the photo above, where I found a beautiful purple coat for only three dollars.

Who wouldn't be excited about that?

The lure of saving money is part of the thrift store experience, which has two opposing camps. There are those who are skeptical of getting clothing which someone else has "rejected." Then there are those, like myself, who know all too well that anyone can buy a nice item which is simply wrong for us, never gets worn, and is then set free to find a new, more suitable, home.


Titus Mountain: first-timer's review

Yes, it's the perfect place for a family ski trip with three restaurants, slopeside chalets, and it's recent award: #1 family-friendly resort in North America by Liftopia. Still, as a twenty-something skier with no kids and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my pocket, I discovered Titus was all that and more. Its powder-filled runs, short lift lines, and sweet seclusion, offered a trifecta that's often hard to find.  

The drive to Titus delivers quiet, scenic roads, no matter what direction you're traveling from. Leaving from my Lake Placid home, I found myself filled with growing anticipation for the coming ski day through every bend in the road that produced mountain views and snow laden trees. Those same backroads bring you right to the Titus parking lot, which is nicely located less than a minute's walk to the ticket booth and lifts. 


The ADKs are a happenin' place!