May for the win!

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May for the win!

From train station to mountain top, we’ve got you covered this week!


Goodnow Mountain and good guides

Locals call it mud season, I call it lovely. There’s nothing quite like spring in the Adirondacks. Everything is changing — wildflowers start appearing along trails, birds return from their southern sojourn, and the melting snowpack sends water pouring into streams, making them more dramatic to see. And of course, everything is wet, wet, wet. It is mud season, after all. 

Hiking this time of year requires a bit of special consideration, but the pros outweigh the cons if you can get it down. Popular trails are less crowded, there’s always a cool breeze, and the leafless, budding hardwoods make for over-the-shoulder teaser views while ascending steep slopes. I wanted to put some spring hiking considerations to the test...


Depot Theatre: your journey starts here

“There’s a THEATRE in here?” the Amtrak passenger asked, pointing to the Actors’ Equity sign in the lobby of the train station. “There sure is,” I answered as usual, preparing my regular spiel. “It’s very convenient, as actors can ride the train from Broadway directly to the stage here in the Adirondacks!” 

It’s a frequently asked question about a unique situation. The circa 1876 historic building located in the community of Westport on Lake Champlain is not only a working train station with daily Amtrak service to and from Montreal and New York City, it’s also a professional theatre. 


Little House’s farmer boy

The homesteading life of the 1800s, with all of its inherent hardships, from crop blight to raids, is, truthfully, hard to imagine in today’s world of supermarkets, electricity, and border patrols. And yet, the stories that come out of these chapters in American history continue to capture our imaginations – from the big screen to the small.

Such is the case with Little House on the Prairie, a TV show just about everyone from my '90s girlhood will remember watching while growing up.


Ironman Lake Placid: Top 5 reasons to volunteer!

Volunteering at an Ironman race is an incredible and absolutely memorable experience.

This year we celebrate our 20th annual event here in Lake Placid and there will be lots of fun celebrations happening throughout race week in recognition of this milestone. Join us as a volunteer on this momentous occasion!

Want to know more? Here are our top 5 reasons to volunteer at Ironman Lake Placid—the oldest Ironman race in the continental United States. 


Isn’t it brewtiful?

Surrounded by sparkling lakes and picturesque mountains, you may be surprised to find a burgeoning craft beer scene in Tupper Lake. While the area is well-known for its natural beauty and small-town charm, it's quickly gaining a reputation for excellent local beer as well.

Big Tupper Brewing and Raquette River Brewing are heading the charge, producing a wide variety of craft brews served onsite and on taps throughout the Adirondacks. 


Fiddlehead Bistro’s roots

Fiddlehead Bistro is a work of art. If you’re in downtown Saranac Lake you can’t miss it — it’s the bright yellow building on the corner of Broadway and Dorsey streets, right next to the Saranac River. Detailing on the outside is simple. There’s a nod to the restaurant’s namesake flora, and a small iron snail that says a lot about the food. It’s delicate, beautiful, and not for people in a rush.

Opening the front door is like walking into a book.


Whiteface’s spin cycle

The Whiteface Region is home to countless miles of beautiful country roads, perfect for road cycling during your memorable Adirondack vacation. There are so many miles, and combinations of quiet country roadways for riding, it’s impossible to get to them all in a single visit to the area. Whether you want to challenge yourself on steep climbs in the mountains, or enjoy a more casual ride in the Ausable Valley, there is something here for you.  


Luring in the kids

Whether you’re looking for a way to get your kids outdoors, sneak in a little extra family time, or just go out and show your son or daughter how to catch their own dinner, fishing can be a great activity for kids and grownups alike.

You don’t have to have tons of great gear or be in tip-top physical shape to go fishing. I mean, let’s be honest, all you need is a stick, some string, and a hook.
What you do need is the proper mindset!


The ADKS are a happenin' place!

Here's a small sampler of upcoming events!

Great Adirondack Garage Sale (North) 
May 25-27 

Great Adirondack Garage Sale (Central) 
May 25-27 

Memorial Day Weekend at Fort Ticonderoga 
May 26-28 

Great Adirondack Birding Celebration 
June 1-3 

Wilmington Whiteface 100K 
June 2 

Black Fly Challenge 
June 9 

Schroon Lake Hobie Cat Regatta 
June 15-17 

Lake Placid Horseshow 
June 26-July 1