May in the ADK!

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May in the ADK!

This week we’re paddling, picking, and planning the perfect adventures!


Farm fresh from the Coast

It’s a great feeling, knowing where your food comes from.

Just the other day I was thinking about how the concept of local — locally produced food and locally owned businesses — was never part of the conversation when I was growing up. Back then, chain stores reigned supreme and no one thought twice about how the food on their plate got there as long as it tasted good.

It seems over the past 15 years or so there’s been a big change in that way of thinking. Craft breweries have become increasingly popular, mom-and-pop stores are sought after, and an increasing number of young people are shirking office life for the dirty life. The Adirondack Coast has seen its share of the action, and it's now home to more than 240 farms. 


’Round the Mountain paddling race

The beauty of this 'Round the Mountain race is... it doesn't have to be a race. You don't even have to be in it to revel in the fun.

It's a great way to kick off the paddling season and get those competitive juices flowing, or be a spectator, cheering the first boats and experiencing the scenic and picnic possibilities along the shores of Lake Flower.

Any time, it can be a more leisurely experience, ending at the boat launch at Lake Flower. This is easy walking distance to a downtown full of dining and libations to explore.


Who’s up for the Waterfall Challenge?

Adirondack beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and our waterfalls are no exception. As the winter snowpack melts, the ice sculptures unlock to reveal crashing torrents at the height of their beauty. Sure, waterfalls are stunning year-round, but you haven't seen anything until you've seen them at their springtime peak.

In the Adirondacks you'll find a water-lover's buffet of sites to behold. Take the 3-mile hike to OK Slip Falls. At 250 feet, it's taller than Niagara Falls and is one of the biggest in the region. The trail leading to OK Slip is also one of the newest — the state recently acquired the land it's on and opened it to the public in 2014.


The bridges of Essex County: Whiteface Region

There is a romance to certain bridges that no one can really deny. Covered bridges, or bridges over beautiful streams and rivers — it doesn't really matter, there is something romantic about them. What is it? Is it the rich history? Is it the charm? The wood, or steel used to build these beautiful pieces of art? I am not really sure, probably all of the above.

The author of the novel "The Bridges of Madison County," James Wheeler, wrote a 1992 best seller about a love between a farm woman and a photographer who was in Iowa creating a photo essay on covered bridges in the area. This was one of the first novels I read where I didn't want it to end. I have since looked at these types of bridges in a romantic way. Photographers flock to these structures to capture the beauty, newly engaged couples —like Katrina and Steve, featured in the following photos — use the bridges to show their new found love in unique ways, families walk or bike across them, fisherman cast their lines near them; there is just a special feeling when you find one. Some are even on the National Registry of Historic Places. Let this be your guide to some of the romantic bridges of The Whiteface Region


Garage sale like a pro

I'm not a garage sale pro, but my mother is. She plays it like a hawk; hovering over a yard full of stuff, targeting a fine thing, and swooping in before her rivals.

Since the Great Adirondack Garage Sale is coming up, comprising over 200 miles of fantastic treasures waiting to be found, here are her tips for success.

She's happy to share. Just don't get in her way.


Why Lake Placid? 10 perfect reasons

The word vacation was invented in the Adirondacks, this came about as the wealthy of Boston and New York city vacated the city for the fresh mountain air of the Adirondacks. Once you visit you will understand why. Maybe it is the feeling you get as soon as you enter the park. The feeling of relaxation as the real world problems melt away. Breathing in the mountain air. Whatever it is that creates that feeling of peace, it is evident in the Adirondacks.

Nestled in the mountains is the village of Lake Placid. Travelers have vacationed here for generations. Families take to the beaches for the day, adventurers hike and mountain bike, health gurus visit the spas and natural surroundings for a cross-fit kind of day under the blue skies. 


Kayaking the Schroon River

Given a forecast of sunny skies and mid-50 degree temperatures, we decided to take an afternoon off last week and revisit what we recalled as being a super paddling adventure.

I looked back at my photo library, and realized that we had not paddled the Schroon River since 2010. Then I looked at my kayak, hanging in its storage rack on the side of a building, and realized that I hadn’t really paddled much last year at all, either, as was indicated by the amount of dust and pollen that had settled on the up-facing side of it.

My husband Kevin and I have matching 13-foot Necky Manitou kayaks for casual lake and river outings in the Adirondacks. They track well, and are great to take out on bigger lakes, but are maneuverable enough to navigate around rocks etc. on easy to moderate river runs.

I’m guessing that we prioritized alternate sports last year, as I only remember going paddling once or twice, and using our smaller whitewater boat for those outings. Hence the layer of dust stuck to the side of the boat.


Malone Golf Club: Did you know?

The Malone Golf Club is well-known around the area, and its popularity continues to grow as travelers discover its charm. 

It stands out for having 36 holes of Robert Trent Jones golfing that leaves every member and guest wanting more. The club is famous for its 4.5-star rating by Golf Digest, and its commitment to service that ranks better than par. However, there are some things about the club that a lot of people don't know --- until now!


The ADKs are a happenin' place!

Check out this little sampler of cool upcoming events:

Eat ADK Restuarant Week 
May 3-10 

Juried Art Show reception 
May 4 

CATS Grand Hike 
May 12 

Early Migrant Bird Walk II 
May 12 

Two-Fly Challenge 
May 18-19 

Hendrickson Hatch Fishing Tournament 
June 2-3 

Black Fly Challenge 
June 9 

Lake Placid Marathon & Half 
June 10