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by Kim Andresen

Play the ADK way

There’s always something new to try in the ADK! Our bloggers share a few new adventures.


Snowshoeing: Tupper’s Triad

So many challenges, so little time. That's life in the Adirondacks.

I've climbed more than 30 of the Adirondacks' 46 High Peaks and done the Saranac Lake 6er Challenge several times over. For me, the allure of tackling those challenges isn't for a patch -- I have yet to claim my 6er patch -- it's simply a chance to see as much of these mountains as possible. It's true, even with dozens of peaks under my belt, I still get excited when I dig my boots into a trail that's new to me.


Ice fishing: Schroon’s deep water

Not every fishing trip starts off with a 2-hour drive. But when the weather calls for blue bird skies and 20-degree weather, you make the drive to a lake you have never fished before.

It’s always intimidating fishing on a lake you don’t know because, well, you don’t know it. We had done some research on Schroon Lake and we knew where we wanted to ice fish on the lake and we also knew that it was going to be deeper than most lakes we were used to.


Family XC: Dewey Mountain

One of my favorite things about Saranac Lake is that it feels authentic, comfortable, and home-like to both residents and visitors alike. I can sense this at many of its community gathering places like Mt. Pisgah, Downtown, the Civic Center, and at Dewey Mountain Recreation Center.

Located on Route 3 on the western edge of the Village of Saranac Lake, Dewey Mountain Recreation Center is owned by the Town of Harrietstown and managed under contract by Adirondack Lakes & Trails Outfitters (locally known as ALTO). Dewey has recently been gaining a lot of attention as a mountain biking destination with over 5 miles of trails built and maintained by the Barkeater Trail Alliance, but during the winter it is all about skiing and snowshoeing. Dewey boasts 13km of ski trails (most of which are lighted for night skiing) and 4km of dedicated snowshoe trails.


Lesson 1: snowplow to S-turn

Whiteface Mountain is known for its wild beauty and steep terrain, boasting the greatest vertical in the East, but a lesser known key asset is its 5-star ski and snowboard school. Tucked away from the rest of the resort is the Bear Den Mountain area that is entirely dedicated to beginners with its own lodge, trails, and lifts, and its own parking area, making for a relaxed and fun environment without other skiers whizzing by at high speeds. Newbies can feel comfortable snowplowing and making giant turns with impunity


On tap: Township 7

The beer went down smooth, and at the end there was a distinct hint of orange. It was clean and crisp, so I went in for another sip.

"I don't like the flavor to be overpowering," said Nate Drake, owner of Township 7 Brewing Company. "I do my dark beers the same way. The idea is to make them flavorful and not heavy. I don't like to chew on my beer."

I visited the small brewery on a bright Friday afternoon. It's located just west of Malone on Route 11B. There are farms in every direction, so it feels like the middle of nowhere. I commented on that, and Nate corrected me: He likes to think of it as the middle of everywhere. Fair enough. I put the glass to my lips and tipped it up in agreement.


Snowboarding: best kind of board meeting

It’s the highest vertical drop in the east, and here I am, strapped to a board about to descend this mighty mountain. Okay — so I didn’t quite get that far up the mountain, but I can certainly say I’ve gone snowboarding at Whiteface

Snow Boarding 101 

1) Take pride in acting and looking like a Jerry.
2) Don’t think about what anyone else thinks of you because you’re there to have fun!
3) Try something new.

If you’re like me, I definitely don’t have any of the top-of-the-line ski gear, you just have to rock what you have.


Fat biking: Blueberry Hill trails

If you have visited a mountain town in the last few years, you may have noticed that fat bikes are steadily growing in popularity. More than ever, riders are taking to the snowy roads and trails, adding another outdoor hobby to their list.

I have picked up mountain biking over the past few summers, and love that fat biking allows for year round riding and an additional winter activity when the skiing is subpar. Some riders are even ditching their regular mountain bikes, for the all terrain riding and stability that the wider tires offers. The beefy tires can run at low pressure to allow riding on soft unstable terrain, such as snow, sand, or mud, but also operate as a great one-bike-fits-all option for all-season, all-terrain riding.


Family fun: snowshoeing for all ages

Most kids love playing in the snow — building snowmen, sledding, skiing. But last year, my kids took up a hobby that I wasn't overly familiar with... snowshoeing!

They started out clomping around in an old school wooden pair of adult-sized snowshoes that were honestly probably older than I am. Once we realized how much fun they were having, we decided to get them some more modern, size-appropriate snowshoes. 

Snowshoeing is a great outdoor activity, that just about anyone can do. If this sport is new to you, here are a few helpful tips!


The ADKs are a happenin' place!

Check out this small sampler of awesome upcoming events:


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February 24 

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February 24 

Frozen Fire and Lights, Inlet's Winter Carnival 
February 24 

Yoga with the Wolves 
February 28 

Ticonderoga End of Winter Carnival 
March 3 

Colby Classic Fishing Derby 
March 3-4 

ECAC Men's Ice Hockey Championship 
March 16-17 

Titus Mountain Madness 
March 17