Powder Days Are Here!

Powder Days Are Here!

Ski big, shop small, and drink an authentic ADK cocktail to keep warm this winter.


Family friendly skiing

The forecast rolls in, I notice the neighbor is getting her snowblower ready, in my gut you know it's true -- a big one is coming our way. I turn in for the night with the same anticipation as being a kid on Christmas Eve. Though for me, it is the mountains that are calling my name. Nothing beats a powder day!

That said, "powder days" do not hold the same meaning that they once did. For us, we are are skiing with kids so it is less about cutting epic lines and more abut the little moments of pure joy. It's watching the excitement in their eyes as they pull back the curtains and see the blessings of freshly fallen snow. It's listening to their stories from past seasons and plans for the day ahead as we travel together to the mountain. But the best part is hearing that deep belly laugh when they find themselves tackling the fresh mountain powder. I know in my heart that when they grow up, these are the moments they will remember more than any present we have ever wrapped for them.   


Main Street stays

Downtown Lake Placid combines the charm of an alpine village with pedestrian-friendly dining and shopping. This is also where a large selection of resort hotels can be found.

The all-in-one ease of on-site dining and activities can have a powerful pull. Here's five fine choices.


Fresh bread, coffee, and gifts

The wooden floorboards creek softly under your feet and the mellifluous sounds of 1920’s swing and jazz greet you as you enter. The smell of baked goods wafts from somewhere deep within the room. As you look around you see what seems like a life’s work on display. Hand crafted rustic furniture, hand painted paddles, vintage board games stacked carefully under a side table. Inviting couches surrounding a barn wood table beckon. Another coffee table displays vintage buffalo plaid thermoses, coffee cups you’d find at camp, and plaid table settings. Towards the back of the space several locals chat with the baker over a morning coffee. Making themselves comfortable on tastefully upholstered couches. It feels like coming home. 

Which is exactly what owners Lisa and Edward Marks want you to feel as you enter their little slice of Schroon Lake. “We’ve actually had people walk in and think they’ve made a mistake at first and walked into someone’s house,” says Lisa.


A cup of cheer

As the third day in a row of single digit temperatures progresses, I wonder if the heat from the simmering pot of beans and ham hock on the stove is enough to take the chill out of the kitchen. I consider lighting a fire in the wood stove, but decide what might be nicer is a cup of golden spring time sunshine to warm me up. If you are a regular reader of the Lake Champlain Region blog, you know we have many fine spots to enjoy a cocktail, but here is one you'll love making at home for an authentic Adirondack flavor. Gather your ingredients on your next travels along the Adirondack coast, and then settle in for a night — or morning — with a true taste of the mountains.


Groomed to perfection

The recent snowfall has made me excited for cross-country ski season! We got about six inches of snow in early November, and this is when I started thinking about digging out my cross-country skis, trying to find my boots, and making sure everything was tuned up for the season. Although it takes much more snow to have a base and be able to groom our trail system, it was time to start getting ready. 

Bring your skis to Tupper Lake this winter, and discover our groomed trail system at the Tupper Lake Golf Club. There is a variety of trails from beginner to expert, something for every member of the family. 


How to dress for winter

Saranac Lake is literally a winter wonderland. The temperature in Saranac Lake during the winter is around 24°F. And that’s the average, lows drop into negative digits. Saranac Lake will be cold - no doubt about that. But it will also be beautiful! Saranac Lakers have their share of sayings —“You’re only cold if you’re standing still” and “There is no bad weather, just bad clothing.” Our advice is simple; pack smart and get busy.

Here are some basics to bring. Let’s get you dressed and on your way for winter adventures!


Winter bucket list

Every year, before winter I like to create a bucket list of activities I want to accomplish throughout the winter. This way, I avoid the feeling of not doing much during the winter season once spring hits. Experiencing winter in Hamilton County is something I haven’t had the chance to do before, so creating my bucket list was not very hard. I’ve heard about the great winter activities that go on in this part of the Adirondacks, but actually getting to experience the different events and activities will be the highlight of my winter season this year. 


A festival of lights

The night is dark, the snow is bright white, and the lights are all lit up at Santa's Workshop at the North Pole. The Village of Lights happens on select weekends throughout the month of December each year. This year one of them happens to fall on the same weekend as the neighboring town of Lake Placid's, Lake Placid's Holiday Village Stroll. This makes it even more special, because you can dress as Santa during the day at Whiteface Mountain, and get a free lift ticket. Then head up to Santa's Workshop when the sun goes down. The spirit of the holiday is alive in Wilmington and this is a great time to experience it.