Scenic Drives, Local Brews, and Fall Fun

Scenic Drives, Local Brews, and Fall Fun

Our bloggers drive scenic routes, hike to leaf peep, stargaze, and eat the best food.


Cheese fest

The epic Essex County Cheese Tour is an irresistible combination of many delightful things: the beauty of fall color, the gourmet experience of artisan cheeses, and the cheerful influence of goats. It can be a surprise that the Adirondacks, known for its mountains and lakes and forests, is also the home to many farms dedicated to organic and sustainable agriculture. The tours are held on select Sundays when three artisanal creameries have an Open House event for visitors.


Like a local

One of my favorite parts about traveling is finding the best restuarants in the destination. This can be a difficult task because, well, I don't know the area. I have found the best way to find out the real gems in a town is to ask the locals. You can ask any local from a bartender, to a clerk at the local bookstore where to dine, and hopefully they will steer you in the right direction, but how do you know if you have the same taste? How do you know they really know what they are talking about? Well, the only real way to know is to experience the places on your own. 


Short and scenic

Our scenic autumn driving voyage started today from a completely stopped “PARK” position in the VERY MIDDLE of Lake Champlain on the Vermont/New York State border! “How is that possible without drowning?!” you may ask. Well, we started our mini adventure aboard the Lake Champlain Transportation's ferry coming into Essex from Charlotte, Vermont. 


Fall festivities

Fall is a favorite season for many locals and visitors alike. The days are full of crisp, clean air, the nights are cool and cozy, and you won’t find a prettier place to view the colors of the season. The mountains are painted in bold reds, oranges that pop, and vibrant yellows – a stunning contrast against the deep blue of the lakes. To add to the beauty of the season is the excitement for the fall fun to partake in! Check out the colorful happenings in store!


Hands-on history

One of the awesome perks of living in the Adirondacks is that history is all around us. You don't have to travel far to visit a historic site, follow a historic trail, or see a unique exhibit. Here are five fun ways to explore history this fall. Odds are, you might just find me at one of these locations.


A fall drive

I have a favorite road in the Schroon Lake Region, Blue Ridge Road. It has scenic delights and fun attractions. This is especially true in the autumn. It runs between North Hudson and Newcomb through dense forest and across bridges, with frequent places to pull off and enjoy abundant photographic opportunities. Unless a car is passing, it is so quiet you can hear the birdsong. Here's how to make the most of those 17 miles.


Titus Oktoberfest

For 36 years, Titus Mountain Family Ski Center has brought the German event, Oktoberfest, home to Malone. The event happens annually at the Lower Mountain. The fun has endured through the ages; people came to the Titus Mountain Oktoberfest with big hair and neon back in the '80s, and with acid washed jeans and a grunge attitude in the '90s, all to have a little fun on the mountain. And as their name implies, Titus Mountain Family Ski Center is all about family. But, it doesn't matter what kind of family you have -- a family just starting out, grandparents bringing multiple generations, a family yet-to-be, or your friends as your family -- there is a lot to love at Oktoberfest. Let's go over a few suggestions, shall we?


Starry night

Stargazing never fails to fill my soul with happiness and put a lasting smile on my face. It's an adventure that never gets old, because each night is slightly different. On cloudy nights when you can only make out a few stars, you still get to experience the silky clouds moving across the sky. On a clear night you'll get to see planets, the Milky Way, and, if you're lucky, a shooting star will streak across the sky. Don't forget to make a wish!