Shop, Eat, Drink, and Be Merry in the ADK

Shop, Eat, Drink, and Be Merry in the ADK

Why not shop local and small this season? Check out what the ADK has to offer.


Ski Gore

Once again, Gore Mountain has been working hard on major improvements for the new season. Improvements include increased and nature-friendly snowmaking capacity, a two-story expansion of the lodge, and trail improvements, along with the return of favorite events.

Last year brought a complete renovation of the original 1967 gondola unloading station. The new Straight Brook Lodge has a warming room, restrooms, and vending machines for a quick snack at the tables and benches. There is a bigger gear shop, children’s Mountain Adventure space, and a new "family restroom" for parents with young children.

The results of the big glade cleanup means all 28 glades are ready for freestylers, including "The Trench," the newest glade addition and the second with all-natural features.


Craft beer and cozy cabins

Mark Jesse loves his home town of Tupper Lake and wants to share this love with his community and travelers alike. He, with his business partner Joe Hockey, opened Raquette River Brewing in 2013. If there is any indication of Mark's love, it's Raquette River Brewing. What started out as a small tasting room with two barrels has grown into a ten barrel operation with a recently finished, and stunning, indoor Beer Hall. I sat down with Mark to talk about the brewery's development, his vision for the future, and his newest project with his partner, Suzanne, the Faust Motel.


Shop 'til you drop

Shopping at small, local businesses is always fun no matter what season it is. The Malone area offers a unique array of options that are ideal for the holiday season and can nicely supplement your trip to Titus for downhill fun. From warm outdoor gear to the perfect gift to give, the variety of shops in Malone will pique any interest.


Support ADK farmers, buy local

For me, one of the most valuable experiences in traveling is getting to support the local makers of a region. By local makers, I mean farmers, artisans, and other craftspeople. The Adirondacks has a thriving scene of local makers, especially an abundance of innovative farmers. The mountainous landscape may be rough, but these farmers make it work. I recently spent an afternoon at the Hub on the Hill, which is not only the hub for this local food scene and the farmers that make it, but it is also a food hub. A food hub is a centralized organization that helps local, small farms grow by offering them support in marketing, distribution, and sales.


'Tis the season

’Tis the season to get out and celebrate the holidays and all things winter. Well, Saranac Lake has no shortage of winter. In fact, we specialize in winter. You might have heard of our annual Winter Carnival, which is a ten day spectacle that involves outdoor adventure, competition, and lots of that unique village charm giving us our motto: decidedly different. In addition to Winter Carnival we are a hub of winter festivals and events. Below is a list to get you started on planning that trip where you can witness firsthand what we mean when we say decidedly different. For more information on events, check our events listings.


Stay here to stay warm

The Whiteface Region of the Adirondacks is located in the High Peaks, which is why the hiking, skiing, and ice climbing here are so exceptional. Lodging is also special, with a range that might surprise. Use this handy guide to pick the room that's best for you, and start planning your mountain getaway today. See you this winter!


Shopping on Main Street

I grew up loving the mall. I remember all of my shopping took place there, in the world of suburban chain stores. The food court and the big glitzy stores, indoors. I could spend an entire day at a mall. I moved to the Adirondacks in my twenties and I didn't know what I would do without the fancy shopping malls. I was a retail junkie, a commercial, cookie-cutter-shopper junkie. I have changed.



ADK charm

Summer is now just a tiny speck in the rear view as we fly through fall, headed straight for winter. That means it's time to pack up the Halloween decorations, maybe put up a few decorations for Thanksgiving…but we all know what everyone is really thinking about - Christmas! And if you (like me!) haven’t even given a thought to your holiday shopping, I’m going to give you some ideas of great places to do some Adirondack shopping, where you can support small local businesses and find some really great gifts.