Start Planning Your ADK Winter Adventure Today.

Start Planning Your ADK Winter Adventure Today.

The ADK is preparing for the season of snow by waxing our skis and eating all the donuts.


Family fun skiing

There's no denying it - winter is coming. Nighttime temperatures are starting to dip below freezing, there's a crispness in the air, and the first flurries of snowfall have been spotted on mountain peaks. While some people may bemoan the impending season, skiers and snowboarders can rejoice knowing it's almost time to hit the slopes again!


Santa's Workshop in the ADK

Christmas in my family as a child was a really big deal. My mother was a kindergarten teacher and she had a special way of making holidays unique and full of magic. We had pixies that came down from the North Pole each year on December 1. These little elves were there to watch us five children and report back to Santa about our behavior. They are very similar to the "Elf on the Shelf," but these are from generations ago. They still come to my house now to watch my children and my siblings' houses to watch their kids. The pixies pack up and head back to the North Pole on December 23 to give Santa and his elves enough time to decide on the presents.


Brew-tiful Lake Placid

Anywhere where you mix mountains and folks who love outdoorsy pursuits you generally find good beer isn’t far away, and Lake Placid is no exception. For over 20 years, Lake Placid has been at the forefront of New York brewing, with three breweries earning dozens of state, national, and international awards for their beers. All three are also brewpubs each featuring their own unique menu. Here’s a rundown of the three breweries you won’t want to miss in Lake Placid the next time around.



Ski Oak Mountain

Oak Mountain is a family oriented ski center that has been part of Adirondack winter enjoyment for generations. It first opened in 1947.

Now, owners Matt and Laura O’Brien, coming from careers in various ski enterprises, have crafted their dream to bring this classic Adirondack ski resort into the 20th century. Fun and friendly, with a gourmet twist in the dining, its appeal as a destination comes from the hometown feeling they've kept. Whatever form that ski getaway might take, Oak Mountain could be just the right size to help it come true.


Come play with us

Playing in the snow is a very old Adirondack tradition, but it took a while for this activity to become more enjoyable than practical.

Depending on the level of development where people lived, skiing and snowshoeing was simply the way people got around in the winter. Local indigenous people, like the Huron and Algonquin, taught European explorers and trappers the usefulness of the right footgear for winter travel.


Gifts, laundry, and donuts

The Washboard Donut Shop is a staple in Tupper Lake, and has been for over 25 years now. The Shenandoa Indian Store, The Laundromat, and The Donut Shop have been located on Park Street (yes, in the same building) since 1990, when the owner bought the building.

Now, 27 years later, the original owner's daughter Tina runs the business trifecta. There are many unique aspects about this building that people love. Whether it's the three businesses in one, the horses on the roof (I'll get into that later), or the fact that homemade donuts are still made on site every day, people come back to visit every year. I had the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the donut making, and to ask some other questions that I had about the business.


Groomed (or ungroomed) to perfection

Schroon Lake is surrounded by woods, mountains, and water, and there are hundreds of miles of trails to explore here. And since a lot of our trails are part of large trail networks, there are plenty of options for short out-and-backs or for full-day excursions. 

The 46,283-acre Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, located just north of Schroon Lake, is so vast there are several parking areas to choose from, with each offering access to dozens of miles of trails. A favorite adventure is the Pharaoh Lake trail, a 3.3 mile route that goes to the shore of the beautiful Pharaoh Lake. There’s a gentle 235 foot elevation gain along the way, then a nice gradual downhill to the lake.

The Hoffman Notch Wilderness Area has a scenic, 7.4 mile long trail that can be skied as a through route by parking one car at the south trailhead and another at the north trailhead, or skiers can simply ski into the notch and turn back when they’re ready.




Last call for cider donuts

Today the apple cider donut is a treat that can be found through the fall at a number of orchards and bakeries up and down the Adirondack coast. Many men who are completely incapable of remembering their wedding anniversaries will recall specifically where and when they got their first taste of an Adirondack cider donut.