Sunshine. Flowers. Finally.

Sunshine. Flowers. Finally.

So much to do, so much to see! Where will your ADK travels lead next?


John Brown Day annual event

To listen and learn, to speak with courage, and to acknowledge that our nation’s history is still evident in today’s headlines — that’s what the spirit of John Brown means to me. I feel it whenever I visit the beautiful grounds around John Brown Farm State Historic Site in Lake Placid, and it’s magnified every year as I approach that big white tent to hear people speak at John Brown Day, which is set for Saturday, May 5.

For those inclined to study history, the property is a well-preserved time capsule, a quiet place with a loud voice that transcends the Adirondack Mountains, echoing through Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, and beyond. It is here that Brown, a famous abolitionist who pushed for equality by any means necessary, made his home while he sought to teach freed slaves how to farm.


Adirondog: hiking with four paws


Do you have four paws, lots of fur, a nose for mountain air, and eyes for adventure? If you and your fur friends are looking to get your hike on, tell your humans to get you to the Whiteface Region. 

These Adirondogs will take you to the summits of a few of their favorite hikes in the area. Which Adirondog are you?


Color Your Hyde 5k run/walk: insider’s scoop

The Alice Hyde Medical Center hosts a yearly 5K run/walk to promote healthy living and a feel good attitude in the community. This year's event will take place on May 19.

I have driven by the event in past years, and watched in amusement as runners made their way through town -- I was always very intrigued by what seemed to be a pretty fun atmosphere. I mean come on --- people smiling and wearing white t-shirts that were becoming more colorful as the race went on, what doesn't sound fun about that? I continued to tell myself that one of these days, I would go to the event; and then one day, I was going to participate. 

And then, finally, I did it. Here's the inside scoop on my first Color Your Hyde run!


Springing up in Saranac Lake

The first day of spring, called the vernal equinox, has historically fallen on either March 19, 20, or 21. This year, the equinox landed on Tuesday, March 20. But in Saranac Lake, on March 20 you are just as likely to see a foot of snow piling up on the trails as you would see the crocuses popping up in front of the library. So how do you know, really, when spring has arrived?

Here are six shades that are sure signs that spring has sprung in Saranac Lake:


Top 4 ADK Coast waterfalls

It’s drama time for our rivers, creeks, and streams. Melted snow and spring rains have filled their banks to capacity. They are putting on quite a show as they race down the mountains and into the valley, all in a hurry to reach Lake Champlain. It’s my favorite time of year to go out on a waterfall watch and see the fantastic displays. I find moving water mesmerizing; I love the sounds and the sparkle as it splashes onward. Here are some of my favorite waterfalls that you, too, will not want to miss.


Schroon Lake’s hidden treasures

Schroon Lake has lots of interesting little shops full of fun stuff. In addition to their charming downtown, take to the backroads for even more unique shopping experiences!
Whether you are outfitting your lake house, or looking for that special souvenir keepsake, our local shops have some delightful choices.

The Schroon Lake Arts and Crafts Fair is one of the finest craft shows in the Adirondacks, with over 100 vendors. It takes place in late July in the town's lovely park on the shores of Schroon Lake.

The Schroon Lake Association has been working since 1911 to responsibly manage the lake. The craft fair is one of their fund raisers. Yes, there will be Kettle Corn. In case you were wondering.


Wells worth a visit

Wells is a small town located in the Southern Adirondacks. It is also where I grew up and spent most of my young childhood. It's where I remember my first home, and my first school.

My sister and I used to have so much fun riding our bikes around town. We'd ride from store to store; Zack's for blue ring pops, George's for penny candy, and Lakeside for slush puppies. We also loved going to the Country Kitchen for lunch. 


Tupper Lake Golf: 5 reasons to learn here

Recently I spoke to two young Tupper Lake golfers and found out what they love about the Tupper Lake Golf Club. During our conversation it was easy to see their passion and love for the sport and their hometown golf course. 

"I really like playing because there is always something to get better at or something to work on; and sometimes you don't even realize you are getting better -- because it's just a fun summer pastime," said Riley. 

We were on the topic of getting new golfers to try the sport, and join the club, and the boys quickly came up with 5 great reasons why you should try out the sport at the Tupper Lake Golf Club.


The ADKs are a happenin' place!