We ❤️️️ ADK!

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by Kim Andresen

We ❤️️️ ADK!

There are so many reasons to fall in love with the Adirondacks, our bloggers share a few of their favorites!


Skiing beer-lovers take note!

Question: What do you get when you combine awesome XC-skiing and snowshoeing on groomed Adirondack trails with delicious local craft beer? 

AnswerThe Tupper Lake Brew-Ski

This is a mile-long brewfest held annually at the Tupper Lake Groomed XC Ski Center. For a small fee you can ski or snowshoe to stations set up with local craft beer samples from around the region. Fire pits are set up at each station for you to warm up and take a break with your beer and your friends. 


Embrace the winter 6er

The Saranac Lake 6ers: Baker, St. Regis, Scarface, Haystack, Ampersand, and McKenzie. You hiked them one-by-one in the summer and marveled at the variety of views they afforded — distant High Peaks and uniquely shaped lakes. So now what? Time to try them in winter, that’s what!

In the Adirondacks, nice summer hikes turn into full-blown adventures in the winter. It’s a beautiful time to be outside, for sure. Ice sculptures stream down sheer cliff faces, baskets of snow collect on pine boughs, and many animals are hunkered down, giving the forest a soft, pleasant quietness. It’s also a more dangerous time to be outdoors because the days are shorter and much, much colder. Sweat-soaked clothes can freeze quickly; moderate pitches become impossibly slick slides of glassy ice. But don’t fret! There are ways to safely deal with these challenges.


Perfect proposal plans

Valentine's Day, when a person's thoughts turn to declarations of love. Part of the plan might be crafting an amazing, memorable, story-we'll-tell-together proposal scenario.

If you are wanting to "pop the question," here are some four-season tips for planning that Perfect Day in Lake Placid.


Let your love fly

Our wildly variable weather has produced birds throughout the Lake Champlain Region all winter from Snowy Owls to an array of ducks. Unfortunately I've been so busy I haven't been out as much as I'd like, so when a few free hours presented themselves on a recent trip to the Plattsburgh area, I took advantage to see what I could find. 

My four-legged companion Wren and I started at Ausable Marsh WMA, where there had also been an assortment of ducks reported of late, including a small group of Redheads. Ausable is also a great place to go with Wren since we can explore there together and she isn’t confined to the car.


We love Belly's

It's a pretty, forest-lined drive to the charming little village of Mountain View. My brother and I set out, by SUV, to explore this place I had heard so much about. Via snowmobile, take Corridor 7, which passes right through Malone. 

We're in search of a popular stop known for its 24-hour gas, local snowmobiling headquarters, and some imaginative and delicious pub dining.

Our destination is Belly's Mountain View Inn -- justly famous, and not only with the snowmobiling crowd. 


Sweets for your sweet

Valentine's Day is mid-week in 2018, which means there's still time for you to plan for that romantic weekend getaway!

Which should include treats, right? Sweets to the sweet. While I would love to enact a real Valentine's Day, my husband is not free today, so I am bringing my brother. We do care about each other, even though an outside observer wouldn't be likely to mistake us for a couple. Unless they were named The Bickersons.

Here's a guide to some of the area's finest goodies.


Weddings from the heart

As you may have guessed, the timeframe between Thanksgiving and Valentine's days is the most popular time to get engaged. Maybe you've just gotten engaged or are just thinking to the future. The Adirondacks are the ideal place to host your scenic wedding — there are plenty of traditional and non-traditional options to choose from when it comes to your big day!


Reeling in the love

Finally… a Saturday off, my friends are free, and the weather looks great. It's time to head out onto the ice for some ice fishing! We’ve got our ice augers, tip-ups, bait, and we are ready to go. 

We decided to head to Franklin Falls, just outside of Wilmington, where I’ve always fished in the summer, but this was my first time ice fishing there. I measured the ice, and it was about a foot thick, which is more than safe enough for this adventure. 


The ADKs are a happenin' place!

Check out this sweet sampler of upcoming events:

Titus Mountain Family Fun Day 
Feb. 17 

Raquette Lake Winter Carnival 
Feb. 17-18 

US Cup - Ski Jumping 
Feb. 19-20 

Team USA WinterFest 
Feb. 24 

Adirondack String Fever Performance 
Feb. 24 

The Brew-Ski 
Feb. 24 

Adirondack Snowshoe Fest 
Feb. 24-25 

Schroon Lake Ice Fishing Derby 
March 3-4