What Do Santa and Skiing Have in Common?

What Do Santa and Skiing Have in Common?

Visit the ADK for holiday festivals and outdoor adventure.


Divine winter hiking

With a snow filled weather forecast, our thoughts in the Adirondacks are beginning to drift from fall to winter. Our mountains are beginning to become snow capped, Whiteface Mountain will soon open, and winter activities will abound. Dedicated hikers will strap on their snowshoes and continue to take in the breaktaking views of the Adirondack Mountains. While winter hiking can be just as fun and rewarding as summer hiking, there are extra challenges and necessities that come with the adventure. While that may sound intimidating, fear not, for there is a winter hike for every adventurer. From easy to strenuous, the Whiteface Region has a snowshoe hike for you to enjoy.


Brewing in Schroon

Tucked away on the edge of Main Street in downtown Schroon Lake, things are brewing at 9 Mile Coffee. The hum of the La Marzocco espresso machine and whir of the grinder greeted me as I walked into the small but cozy coffee shop just five minutes from the Adirondack Northway (I-87). Two customers tucked into a comfortable looking booth seemingly at work and another gentleman sat in front of the window enjoying his morning cup ‘o joe. I instantly felt at home surrounded by the oh so familiar sounds of a real coffee shop, just like the one I frequent back home.


Finn-tastic skiing

I've heard that people who live in NYC often never visit the Statue of Liberty and that there are people who live in Florida that have never seen the Everglades. That's how I feel about Lapland Lake — I've lived in the same area for over 20 years, but I had just never been there myself. And, as I recently found out, man was I really missing out!


A winter wonderland

There is magic in the air, and snow covering the ground during The Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll. Family friendly is an understatement for this weekend in Lake Placid. There is something for everyone, even the Scrooges. The stroll takes place each year in early December throughout the entire village. The weekend is full of events with something for everyone to enjoy. This fairy tale time of year in Lake Placid is a perfect time to visit the area.


Easy does it

The VIC pretty much has every kind of Adirondack experience you could want — lakes, wetlands, forests, a nice waterfall, and a sweeping mountain view, all in one 25-mile trail network. In fact, the nature center is home to every Adirondack ecosystem except high alpine tundra, the hard-to-reach landscape found atop many of our highest peaks, so visitors are guaranteed to see a full sampler of Adirondack habitats when they visit. Besides that, the VIC is just beautiful. My family visits a few times a month, and it looks a little different each time as a steady rotation of birds, wildflowers, and other plants and animals cycle through the seasons. 


Holiday cheer

The holiday season is special in the North Country. It wasn't invented here, of course, but everyone throws their heart into it. From festive traditions dating back to the 1850's to the present, a Malone area visit adds extra treats and activities to the celebration. After all, Santa lives quite close.


A North Country Christmas

Holiday music plays on the radio and joy abounds — everyone can feel it pulsing through the crisp winter air. Happiness is contagious right now and there’s no better place to be than the Adirondack Mountains. We have a full calendar of events to help get visitors and residents alike into the holiday spirit. Check out this list of activities, all part of the 9th annual Ticonderoga Area North Country Christmas. We invite you and your family to celebrate with us and enjoy the bounty of the season!


Game on for hunting

It's been a couple years since I've had the opportunity to put pen to paper, and comment once again on my passion for public land hunting in the Adirondacks. Since starting to seriously hunt in my late twenties, my obsession has only increased as the years go by. The past five years of hunting have yielded a plethora of plodding hours spent scouring the hardwood hillsides, heartbreaking scrambles up steep granite slopes, a handful of heart-in-your-throat encounters with our favorite quarry (and a few black bears), and an absolute mountain of experience and lessons learned.