What to do, what to do?

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What to do, what to do?

Our bloggers cast a line on spring skiing, spa treatments, fishing, and more!


Saranac Lake girls’ getaway

Get away with the girls!

Of course, when it comes to getting away, "girls" can be any age. Because no matter how accomplished a woman is, she will always enjoy a time away from her responsibilities. The greater the challenges, the more necessary stepping away can become.

It is incredibly rejuvenating to find a welcoming atmosphere, where one can be herself, with her friends, and do fun girl things. I love it!

Here's why Saranac Lake is an awesome girls' getaway place.


Great day on the Hudson

“All Forward!”
“Back on the right!”
“Hit the deck!”

For eight years as a licensed whitewater raft guide, I’ve called out these - and other - commands to many different crews on my raft. People from all different walks of life — many of them meeting for the very first time — have to learn quickly how to act and react quickly as a team. Their goal: to safely have as much fun as possible as they navigate the exciting rapids of the Hudson River Gorge.


Well, come along as I “guide” you through a Day in a Raft through the Gorge!


Central ADK spring birding

The Adirondack summer-fall-winter of 2017-2018 featured a 1-in-20 year food crop on the trees. Every coniferous tree species had excellent to bumper cone crops, birch trees were covered with catkins, and there was abundant fruit on bushes and trees. All that available fruit allowed quite a few American Robins to over-winter.

As a result of the abundant cone seeds on the conifers, it was a terrific season to see winter finches. Red and White-winged Crossbills, which are fascinating nomadic species, nested during the summer of 2017 and many more irrupted in late fall to take advantage of this huge food source. Both species began nesting again in February - March.


Perfect Lake Placid spa day

Who doesn’t love a good spa day? We all deserve a little pampering and relaxation every once and a while, right? I personally think so, and it's been a long winter so I decided it was time to head to a spa…or two. There are two absolutely incredible spas in Lake Placid, and since I had a hard time deciding which one to go to for services, I split them up and went to both. 

My first stop was the Whiteface Lodge Resort & Spa. I’ve never been to the Whiteface Lodge’s spa, and I’ve never had a facial, so I was excited for both experiences. I was told the HydraFacial at the Lodge is amazing, so I happily booked my appointment with the friendly spa attendant. 


Wild about Westport

Westport was born from its lovely natural advantages, and this tradition continues as the concept and experience of "leisure" has changed through the centuries. If you like staying in historic lodges, dining on the water, and exploring nature from the beach to the mountaintops, Westport beckons.

I do love Westport. Let me count some of the ways...

To give an idea of the character of this charming town, remember that the Adirondack chair, which became a popular symbol of relaxation during the Roaring Twenties, was based on the earlier Westport Chair of 1900. Thomas Lee was a Westport resident with a large circle of convivial friends, or so the story goes. 


Whiteface spring skiing - get high!

Spring is a time when most people’s thoughts turn to warm weather and flowers. Truth be told, that used to be me. Growing up in Georgia, spring meant warm rains and blooming dogwood trees. And, of course, pollen and allergies.

But not in the Adirondacks. Spring is about skiing!

That’s right. While you’re watching the crocuses push up through the dirt, we’re watching the snow fall on our beloved slopes. And no place is better for spring skiing than WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN! It’s not uncommon that March winds up being our snowiest month. Pair that with Whiteface’s high elevation and the ski season can last well into mid-April.


Romancing Malone

We all know that feeling that comes from being with our love on a romantic day. What you might not know is that the greater Malone area is a great place to embrace that feeling. Read all about the best ways to spend your romantic days with us.

Let's start at the spa... There are a couple of places to take advantage of the relaxing treatments offered to you by a spa, salon, or resort. Here in the Malone area, we have options for you that each boast their own way of making you feel revitalized. Make an appointment for yourself, give as a gift, or book a couple's treatment to help your day be one that your loved one will absolutely never forget.


Tupper’s top fishing spots

Tupper Lake is perhaps one of the best places for fishing that you could ever hope to find. We are fortunate to have Big Tupper Lake - unique in that it is one of the very few lakes with two rivers flowing into it. At the southernmost tip of Big Tupper Lake, The Bog River cascades into the lake via the Bog River Falls. At the northern end of the 9-mile lake, the majestic Raquette River flows from the east under the Moody Bridge and into the Raquette Pond via a channel. The lake alone boasts over 28 miles of shoreline and a maximum depth of over 100 feet.


The ADKs are a happenin' place!

Check out this small sampler of awesome upcoming events:


Fully Completely Hip at Bitters and Bones 
April 14 

Fort Ticonderoga's Fort Fever Series 
April 15 

Annual Kidding Day 
April 21 

Mud Ball 
April 21 

Eat ADK Restaurant Week 
May 3-10 

11th annual Car Show 
May 5 

Color Your Hyde Color Run 
May 19 

Youth Fishing Contest in Long Lake 
June 2