Who Says Winter Isn't Fun?

Who Says Winter Isn't Fun?

Check out our local shopping, snowshoe trails, local artists, and more.


Pick your own tree

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year in the Adirondack Mountains. In our house, the day after Thanksgiving marks the first day of the holiday season. On this day, it has become a tradition for us to welcome the holiday spirit by cutting down our Christmas tree at a local tree farm. Over the years, we have had numerous people encourage us to visit Moody Tree Farm, and this year, we finally did.


BFF time

There is something very special about being on vacation with your best friends. There is a comfort in knowing you will enjoy similar things, the downtime will be respected, and the laughs will be endless.

In Lake Placid, there are so many winter activities and adventures for you and your friends to invent your own perfect vacation. Pack your coats and your cutest winter hats and head to the Olympic Village for winter fun that no other place can offer. Here is your guide to a vacation in wonderland with your best friends.


Outside the box

So often, a visit to the gift shop is considered an afterthought after visiting an attraction. It’s common to dismiss this kind of shopping unless actively seeking a souvenir. That would be a mistake, especially in the gift-giving season.

The Whiteface Region has delightful gift shops. They are a place to find Adirondack-themed decor, crafts from local artisans, and special treats. In other words, that most sought after holiday quest: unique gifts. Here are some places you might not think of for gift shopping, and reasons why you should.


Awesome and affordable winter fun

I will admit that my relationship with winter has been a little rocky over the years. For the most part, I relish in the fun of winter and find that I'm actually a little sad to see the first signs of spring. However, during other years, I've been cranky and irritable from the first snowflake to the last (and trust me, there are a lot). The contributing factor for where I fall within this love/hate relationship simply comes from whether I've chosen to hunker down and hide, or decided to jump in and enjoy every ounce of snow. 

So here is my advice to those who may not be excited about winter: Embrace it! Take advantage of it! But most of all, get out there and try something new!


Winter birding is back

As many of our region’s nesting bird species head south for the winter, some species that breed to our north also head south…into the Adirondacks! Each year, it is exciting to discover which species will “irrupt” into our region from the north. Some of these species show up every winter, while some are infrequent visitors. And sometimes, there are huge surprises, such as the solo Ross’s Gull, a species that nests in Siberia, which showed up in the central Adirondacks in the winter of 2017 and brought in countless birders from all over the U.S. and Canada!


Snowshoe Schroon

Winter in the mountains is spectacular. Evergreens cradle white tufts of snow while lakes, ponds, and waterfalls freeze over, creating crystalline ice sculptures that are tucked among the boulders and trees. Snowshoeing is a fabulous way to see the beauty up close, and we’ve picked four of our favorite trails to get you started. Before heading out, be sure you have plenty of extra layers, food, and water, and get an early start — evening comes early in the mountains!


Local art and music scene

As I approached Pouring Light Studio in downtown Malone, my eyes were drawn to the steam-punk looking sculpture behind the front window, which greeted visitors with its rusty skin and strangely lifelike, apocalyptic features. Inside I found a diverse array of work -- edgy, socially aware paintings, gorgeous photographs, and more uniquely twisted-looking sculptures.

Pouring Light Studio's owner Michael Hart explained that this was a community art show, somthing atypical of the gallery's normal offerings. The show was more of an open call for artists, but he usually handpicks the work that graces the walls. There are certain qualities he looks for when deciding whose work to display, but the main thing he seeks is artists who take an introspective approach to their work. In that way, Michael said he is filling a niche in Malone.


Holiday shop local

When I was growing up my mother always planned ahead when it came to getting presents for us kids, that way she could begin with the classic family torture of “I know something you don’t know” in August. I openly admit that I have adopted that family tradition; nothing thrills me more than bouncing into a room, wiggling my husband while enthusiastically saying “Guess what? I know something you don’t know!”  But I definitely do not possess the self-control to buy a present in September and wait all the way until December 25 to give it! Does anyone else out there identify with this? So my friends and I wait until now, when all of the shops are decorated and our lists are in hand with the names we hold dear, to pick the perfect gifts to show our love.