An ADK Vacation is Your Ticket to Fun

An ADK Vacation is Your Ticket to Fun

Waterfalls, theater, picnicking, and more. 


Family paddling and picnic

I purchased my first kayak, the same one I still use today, when I was nine years old. My older brother and I had recently gone paddling for the first time during an Adirondack vacation. My parents, who were used to paddling all four of us around in a heavy aluminum canoe, were excited at the prospect of family paddles on nearby lakes and rivers — especially if we were going to be sharing in the work! Our family boating days began from there, and for years we spent sunny days on the water, my brother and me in our kayaks, my parents in their canoe. 


Star summer events in Malone

Live music, family fun, games, and competition! Summer is a great time to see what the Malone region has to offer, and with a myriad of events to choose from you're certain to have fun. Mark your calendars!



Top family must-do's in Tupper

Family summer vacations are one of the hallmarks of growing up: creating memories of new places and adventures shared. Tupper Lake is the perfect place for a family vacation, with plenty of opportunities for making memories on the trail, the water, and over a shared sweet treat. Here are our picks to help you craft the perfect family day in Tupper Lake!


Wonderful waterfall hikes

You came to the Adirondacks to bag a peak, but when the morning of the big hike arrives the clouds are so low you might as well be in Ohio. Don’t fret — there’s more to these mountains than rocky crowns and open ledges. The forests here are wet, and during all but the driest of summers there’s water everywhere, trickling across the higher elevations and building to impressive proportions as it crashes into our valleys. The most thrilling way to see this is by visiting one of our waterfalls, and there are a lot to choose from. Some require a full day hike, but the three below are all within a short distance from the road. Check those off of your list, then read on to learn about one of our favorite hikes, a long loop that takes in several falls and a mountain lake.


Adirondog life

Do you have four paws, lots of fur, a nose for mountain air, and eyes for adventure? If you and your furry friends are looking to get your hike on, tell your humans to get you to the Whiteface Region. These Adirondogs will take you to the summits of a few of their favorite hikes in the area. Which Adirondog are you?


Rain never stops the fun in Saranac Lake

For some, overcast with a chance of rain would place a damper on things, but not for us! Both Cindy and I, co-founders of the consulting firm Adirondack Diversity Solutions, decided to do something new: take a guided canoe trip. Our Sunday morning began in Saranac Lake, at Adirondack Lakes and Trails Outfitters, where we met our fantastic guide Tyler. With no prior paddling experience, we had several questions and a bit of learning to do. Knowing this, Tyler created a very informative and entertaining crash-course in proper paddling techniques, while explaining some of the differences between kayaking and canoeing. For beginners like us, this lesson was everything we needed. 


Schroon Lake's art scene

Schroon Lake has a storied history with the arts, which has shaped the region’s rich cultural offerings of the present. If you are interested in world class theater, whether it is musical or Shakespearean, Schroon Lake has that. If you want to get down with some fiddlers and square dance, Schroon Lake has that too. We also have an independent cinema, The Strand, in the center of downtown near the Schroon Lake Beach. 



So many stories to tell near Lake Champlain

The Lake Champlain Region's exciting, activity-packed season is practically upon us. Most of our seasonal sites and attractions have started opening, or will open soon, and our many museums have numerous stories to share with you. Let me give you some ideas of a few places to visit to enhance your experience throughout the historic Adirondack Coast. I’ll also include a glimpse of some of the new displays and exhibits that you won’t want to miss.