Break Trail and Chill Hard

Break Trail and Chill Hard

There's still time to plan for outdoor winter adventure in the ADK.


Raised on Oak

I have lived in the Adirondacks my entire life. I've grown up experiencing all that the mountains have to offer, and I have to say, one of my favorite places to go as a kid (and now!) is Oak Mountain. For living in the area that I do, I was a late bloomer when it came to downhill skiing. I had been cross-country skiing since I was probably 7 years old, but didn't learn to downhill ski until I was 10 or 11. Unfortunately, at that point in time, Oak Mountain had closed for a brief period. Luckily, shortly after I learned to ski, Oak Mountain reopened and skiing very quickly became a passion for me. I spent most of my childhood and teenage years on the slopes or in the lodge with a hot cocoa.


Chilling with birds

With winter in full swing across the North Country, it is not only time to step into skis and to strap on snowshoes, it is also time to head to the Champlain Valley in search of birds. While the valley offers good birding all year round, winter can be excellent for a number of sought-after species, making winter trips a must.


Dam good ski

It was only my second time skiing, but I felt confident enough to continue on alone. My friends insisted we were close to the dam, but they had to work and needed to turn around. I solo hiked many times over the summer, but this would be my first solo ski adventure.

“I’ll text you when I make it out, and if you don’t hear anything, please send help,” I said jokingly, but I meant it in all seriousness. It’s always smart to have a check-in buddy, someone that knows what you’re embarking on before you head out alone.


For hardwater lovers

Winter should not stop anyone from fishing. Cold temperatures beckon to the dedicated angler, who regards ice on frozen lakes the same way most people think of milkshakes: the thicker, the better. Snug shelters and fish finding skills come to the fore in this sport, since techniques like fly casting are unable to be practiced under the ice.

Here are some special spots and favorite fish.


Breaking trail

One of the greatest investments I ever made was about two years ago on a pair of used cross-country skis and ski boots. I had never cross-country skied prior to this purchase and truly had little desire to pick up the sport, but my boyfriend talked me into it. He explained that it's an excellent aerobic workout and that the movement exercises multiple muscle groups of the body, making it possible to ski for extensive durations without over-stressing a particular muscle group.

Not only is skiing an activity the two of us could enjoy on the many trails throughout the Adirondacks, it is more than ideal for our dogs during the winter months. Sometimes I forget that our pups love to explore the many desirable trails throughout the Adirondacks just as much, if not more, than we do. We have skied the trails of Lake Placid and Saranac Lake, but recently our favorite area to make tracks is right in Tupper Lake.


River's new digs

All of us in Malone are excited about the construction of one particular building on Main Street. This building is now known as The River Building, located at 399 and 403 East Main Street. Thanks to two men -- known by their company MCM DevCo -- and their vision and entrepreneurial spirit, this building is undergoing a complete renovation.

Phase one of the remodel is complete! There are currently five apartment style rooms ready for visitors. When the owners of MCM DevCo spent more time visiting small businesses in the area, it became clear to them that these businesses wanted their help. Impressed by Malone's local talent, MCM DevCo hired Adirondack 1892 to furnish and decorate the apartments. If you've ever stopped by Adirondack 1892, you'd be impressed too.


Before you say "I do"

The right place to pop the question is almost as important as the question itself. This is where your fairy tale begins. This is the place that your partner will always think of when remembering the special day.

I remember when my husband proposed almost twenty years ago. I remember the golf shirt he had on, the blue sky, the warm air, everything. Proposals are romantic no matter what. It can be in your living room, surrounded by friends and family, at the end of your driveway or spontaneously after a party. but, if you are planning a proposal close to nature, in a romantic setting like no other, think the Whiteface Region. There are so many gorgeous views to choose from, so many places off of the beaten paths, so many trails to take you to your destination of choice, that I wanted to share a few special spots with you.



Sledding pro tips

A few inches of fresh snow and the potential of more in the forecast have snowmobile enthusiasts anxiously awaiting good ground cover.

I spoke with the Schroon Lake and North Hudson Snowmobile Club to learn about to learn about the trails they operate and maintain. Steve Krupski, the club’s secretary, told me that the club maintains over 50 miles of trails in and around the village of Schroon Lake! He provided me with a good deal of information to share with you.