Conquer Spring Fever in the ADK

Conquer Spring Fever in the ADK

Plan your next adventure to the ADK with these exciting ideas. 


Spring hikes, family style

In the spring, no matter what you see on the ground in the Adirondacks — snow, a little mud, green grass — or what kind of precipitation is falling, the sounds and smells of spring will be all around you. But it is because of the fickle weather that you can find trails that are peaceful, quiet, and significantly less crowded than on summer days.


Makers and shakers

You probably know Tupper Lake for its pristine waterways and great hikes, including the Tupper Lake Triad. Besides the outdoor fun, Tupper Lake has some great shopping. Park Street in downtown features unique and charming stores, from a donut shop/laundromat to Birch Boys, a chaga tea company. The uniqueness, artistry, and talent found in the downtown showcases the many artisans based in Tupper Lake. I wasn't surprised, but excited to learn that some of the most talked about local makers in the Adirondacks are based in this rustic village. I spent a sunny Friday in March exploring and learning more about the local talent. 


No life like van life

Imagine waking up outdoors and cooking breakfast on a real stove, then sipping on a cup of fresh-brewed coffee as you listen to the birds welcome the start of a new day. You slept on a real mattress so you’re ready for your next adventure, and that will be easy to get to — once you’ve eaten breakfast, all you have to do is fire up the van and you’re off. That’s how Amanda and Jim Grant, owners of Wilderness Van in Wilmington, describe van life, and they would know because they’ve lived it. The couple has enjoyed countless mornings like the one described in places like Utah and Colorado, and they’ve also van camped in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. 


Rainy day musts in Lake Placid

Spring is unpredictable in the Adirondacks, yes, even in Lake Placid. Some days are meant for spring skiing, and sometimes the rain may seem to ruin your plans. Don't let the weather impact your perfect day. There is so much to do to keep you and your family enjoying the village and all that it has to offer. Here are my top ideas for a day spent inside. 


Angling sweet spots

In search of a big catch? Wet a line in Saranac Lake! 

Endless lakes, ponds, rivers, brooks, and streams flow through the region, making it a prime location for Adirondack fishing. By boat or by land, from early spring to late fall — the fish are as plentiful as the places to fish. 


Wildlife watching on Lake Champlain

The winter sun is getting higher and higher in the sky, which means that the snow and ice which have held tightly to the Champlain Valley for the past few months will soon be loosening their grip. After all, spring may just be beginning, but it isn’t too early to think about our upcoming paddling season. And the Champlain Valley presents lots of locations for paddling — some of which are best covered with touring kayaks — thanks to the coves, bays, and waters of the sixth largest lake in the country. But I prefer to skip the wide waters of the lake itself for the river and creek paddles the area offers, largely because they present excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. Here are my favorite two.


Fishing the Schroon Lake region

Did you know the Adirondacks is dotted with lakes, rivers, brooks, and ponds? It's no wonder that each spring the region draws serious anglers in search of trout, while bass and pike are the focus later in the season. Whether you’re trudging into a backcountry pond in North Hudson in search of brook trout, wetting a line on the Boreas River in Minerva, or chasing rainbows on Newcomb's Clear Pond, you’ll find plenty of scenery to go with your fishing. The region even has the Hudson River, which offers trout anglers some fine fishing in the upper reaches of the big river before it becomes the big river. 


Making tracks at the VIC

While the calendar's official change to spring has many folks thinking about warm weather, I'm still looking forward to at least a few more weeks of skiing. After all, the longer days and warmer temperatures make for excellent spring skiing conditions, when we can head out in fewer layers -- maybe even in our shorts -- and contend less with the cold. And while our recent winter storm may have tracked farther east than expected and missed giving us the forecasted dumping of snow, the several inches we received freshened up our base and made for a great weekend of fun on the trails.