Embrace the Season - Escape to the ADK

Embrace the Season - Escape to the ADK

Peak trails, leaf peeping, and nuptial bliss. 


High Peaks effort

The Seward Range consists of four mountains over 4,000 feet, part of the 46 High Peaks. However, unlike many of the High Peaks trails, these trails are unmarked, unmaintained, and quite rugged. You won't find any footbridges or stone steps out there, just a lot of mud, downed trees, and thick brush. These trails are for those looking for some level two fun.


Destination: North Pole

High on the Adirondack slopes is a tiny village, full of bustling activity and a lot of magic. The buildings, with their gingerbread trim, jaunty peaked roofs, and bright colors, look as though they have sprung from a fairy tale.

Here in this perfect village, the chocolate shop smells delicious, with glass cases full of radiant confections. In the hat shop, stacks of fuzzy, cheerful red and white hats wait for children (of all ages) to have their names emblazoned on them. A miniature train tootles through the woods. And in a charming barn, eight reindeer nibble carrots, indulge in cuddles with visitors, and wait for their big night: December 24. This is North Pole, NY, the home of Santa’s Workshop.


Gold medal stays

When people think of Lake Placid, most will think of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, the gorgeous lakes, the quaint town, and the Winter Olympics. The 1932 and 1980 Olympics took place here, and many medalists still reside in this scenic town. But did you know there are many other award winners? Lake Placid was recently named "One of the Prettiest Towns in America" by ForbesTraveler.com. This type of award winning is all around and well deserved. Come see the bling in the Adirondacks' most award-winning and prettiest towns.



A rustic treasure

Vacations are in our history. In the 1800s, as train service extended upstate and city-dwellers began looking for ways to escape the heat of summer, word spread about the beauty of the Adirondacks: the clean, freshly scented air, cool, sparkling lakes, and seemingly endless rugged terrain. Old timers and enterprising young men who knew the wilderness — and how to live in it — found they could work as guides for visitors from downstate, rowing guide boats, leading hikes and hunting and fishing parties. Books and magazines — including the immensely popular Harper's Weekly — introduced readers to the wonders of the Adirondacks, tempting writers, painters, and eager vacationers to the area.


"I do," just for you

As you may have guessed, the timeframe between Thanksgiving and Valentine's days is the most popular time to get engaged. Maybe you've just gotten engaged or are just thinking to the future. The Adirondacks are the ideal place to host your scenic wedding — there are plenty of traditional and non-traditional options to choose from when it comes to your big day!


Handcrafted from nature

When Eain Tierney was 10 years old, he made his first lamp. It was simple, just a spiral-shaped piece of wood, a wire, and a fixture, but it was a preview of his future life as a rustic furniture maker.

Eain has been a professional woodworker for four years and he is now the owner of Tierney Adirondack Rustic Design. He learned a lot from his dad, who is more of a nuts-and-bolts, make-things-square-and-plumb style of carpenter. Functionality and quality are important, but Eain likes to put a different spin on his creations.


Get adventurous

Adventure by definition is “an exciting or remarkable experience," immediately followed by the add-on, “usually involving danger and unknown risks.” How risky you want to get is up to you, but we promise a visit to Saranac Lake is not complete without a little adventure — or a lot of adventure, if that's your thing!


Family favorites

Every couple of weeks my family heads to Paul Smith's to hike our favorite VIC trails. A few weeks ago it was the Barnum Brook Trail, more recently it was the big Heron Marsh loop. Deciding which path to take is never hard -- pressed for time and we're hitting the long Barnum Pond boardwalk while admiring clusters of pitcher plants and fragrant patches of sheep laurel. When there's more time to take our time, it's straight to the floating bridge (yes, it's as cool as it sounds) and on to the fairy-tale like boreal forest that guards a truly magnificent outpost of tamaracks.