Fall Color in the ADK Is Here

Fall Color in the ADK Is Here

Perfect getaways, blissful hikes, and fab food. 


Five great fall hikes

Take it from us, there’s nothing more stunning than fall in the High Peaks. And while it’s nice enough just to be here when the leaves are at the their peak, it’s a little nicer to take a hike. The crisp air, the smell of autumn, the leaves floating gently to the ground — it’s all part of the package. 


Hot Sara, cool vacation

There is an old lady in Saranac Lake loved by everyone. She is famous, infamous, and in spiffy shape for her age; she's seen a lot of activity in her 102 years. She's the Hotel Saranac  — known as Hot Sara to many locals — and she is the perfect base for your fall vacation in Saranac Lake.


Making family memories

I've always said that the Malone region is a great place to make memories with family and friends. This fall, let me share with you a few of the places and activities where my family loves to go to create our traditions.



Brand new adventure

Hiking a new trail in the Adirondacks is a special thing, and I’ve been lucky enough to do two recently: Wolf Pond and Boreas Ponds. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about trails that are new to me, I’m talking about two brand new trails, freshly cut and barely trodden upon. The trails for Boreas and Wolf both begin along Blue Ridge Road, a twisty corridor off Exit 29 on I-87 that traces the southern boundary of the High Peaks as it connects the highway to the town of Newcomb. Along the way there are stunning views of mountains and more than half a dozen trailheads. This region, the Adirondack Hub, is seriously up-and-coming — it’s the southern access to the High Peaks and there are million-dollar views that are just now open to the public — and my advice is to begin exploring it ASAP.




Hit the road, ADK style

A scenic drive is made great by a number of factors all coming together: plenty of scenery, perfect spots to stop for a break, and the potential for fun surprises around every bend. Winding north and south through Hamilton County, Route 30 is the ideal fall drive. Picture sparkling lakes, flaming leaves, and jaw-dropping adventures. Here’s how to do it.



View-tiful fall hikes

The colors are bright and flashy, the breeze is cool and refreshing, and the sunshine still warms the summit rocks to a comforting, cozy temperature. It’s fall in the Lake Champlain Region, and there’s no better time to hit the trail and soak in the endless views of mountains and lakes. 



Well-crafted flavors

Taste New York is the state's effort to link consumers to the best products made and grown right here in New York. I decided it was an important mission to showcase one region in New York that really embraces this effort by offering some of the best craft beer made in the state: The Whiteface Region. In general, skiers and snowboarders are usually pretty down with craft beer and they're known to frequent brewpubs and craft breweries on a regular basis. This clientele is also supportive of locally made products, so when skiing in different states, they will seek out the craft beer from the regions they are in. 

But, do these mountain town restauranteurs get it? The local gas stations?  The small, independently-owned hotels? Well, in the Whiteface Region they most certainly do.  


We're nuts for donuts

The Washboard Donut Shop is a staple in Tupper Lake, and has been for over 25 years now. The Shenandoah Indian Art & Crafts store, The Laundromat, and The Donut Shop have been located on Park Street (yes, in the same building) since 1990, when the owner bought the building.

Now, 27 years later, the original owner's daughter Tina runs the business trifecta. There are many unique aspects about this building that people love. Whether it's the three businesses in one, the horses on the roof (I'll get into that later), or the fact that homemade donuts are still made on site every day, people come back to visit every year. I had the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the donut making, and to ask some other questions that I had about the business.