Fresh Brews, Hot Bikes, Short Hikes

Fresh Brews, Hot Bikes, Short Hikes

Summer adventure heats up in the Adirondacks. 


Swing time

Nostalgia isn’t always bad. It can lead you to try things you remember loving as a kid. Like square dancing. I hadn’t square danced since I was in my elementary school enrichment class where Hot Cross Buns blaring on a plastic recorder was considered music. The afternoons we square danced meant moving to our teacher’s commands and swinging our partner to fiddles. I don’t remember ever not wanting to square dance.


Taco 'bout beer

Last Thursday I found myself enjoying a craft beer, eating tacos from a local food truck dragged to its destination by a tractor, and listening to live music, all in the company of my favorite friends. A motley crowd of all ages filled the outdoor pavilion, coming from what seemed like every direction. Small children were running in the field and volunteers picked black currants from the nearby bushes. Together, it created an atmosphere that made me want to stay awhile. I was also in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by farms that stretched to what seemed like the base of the Adirondack Mountains, some standing higher than 4,000 feet.


Rock your bike

Frankly, I'm disappointed. If you're reading this blog, you're not out riding. Now I guess that I could give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you're reading this on one of those fancy smarty-pants phones on your way to go riding. But most of you will be reading this from somewhere decidedly un-mountain-bikey.

And that, my friends, is a crime.

I understand your dilemma. With the ever-increasing choices, where do you go? The short answer is Wilimington, New York. But I suppose I should back that with some proof. So here are six reasons why you should come mountain biking in Wilmington.


Decidedly different

Small towns across the country usually share some common traits. You’ve heard them before: a sense of community, volunteerism, a slower pace of living, being there for each other — the things that separate us from big-city life.

But Saranac Lake prides itself on being decidedly different. What does that mean? Here are five examples. 


The more, the merrier

An extended family trip, an annual friends’ outing, a wedding party, or a work retreat — Lake Placid is the perfect place to bring your next group get together. Our stunning mountain scenery forms a dramatic backdrop for a myriad of activities. In fact, there’s so much to do here we feel confident saying everyone in your party will find something to love in Lake Placid!



Run because it's fun

Looking for a fun physical challenge through a scenic landscape that rewards you with a T-shirt and the knowledge that you are doing some good for other people? Look no further than the second annual Star of the North Races, a day of foot races in Malone that's a perfect outing for runners of all ages and abilities. The races take place on Saturday, August 31, beginning and ending at the Malone Civic Ice Arena.


Short hikes, great views

Known for its High Peaks and tough trails, hiking in the Adirondacks can seem a little daunting for beginners or those with families. But, I’m here to tell you, while we do have plenty of difficult summits such as Snowy Mountain and long hikes such as the Northville - Lake Placid Trail, there are trails of varying difficulty all around the Adirondacks. Here are just a few to get you started. 


Wild walk, wild birds

The morning sun was beginning to climb in the blue sky when I arrived at The Wild Center for a birding hike. My bird list started as soon as I arrived -- with a pair of Killdeer calling from the meadow, a House Wren singing from the brushy edge habitat which surrounds the building and parking lot, and both Magnolia and Yellow-rumped Warblers singing from the woods. The Wild Center trails are easy to negotiate so I didn't have to don heavy boots or lug all the hiking paraphernalia along like I usually do on my hikes, but I toted along my camera in the hopes of getting some shots.