Glowing Sunrises, Sparkling Skies, and Unique Buys

Glowing Sunrises, Sparkling Skies, and Unique Buys

Ready for ADK snow? We are!


Sweet snowy trails

With a snow filled winter on the horizon, our thoughts in the Adirondacks are beginning to drift from fall to winter. Our mountains are beginning to become snow capped, Whiteface Mountain will soon open, and winter activities will abound. Dedicated hikers will strap on their snowshoes and continue to take in the breaktaking views of the Adirondack Mountains. While winter hiking can be just as fun and rewarding as summer hiking, there are extra challenges and necessities that come with the adventure. While that may sound intimidating, fear not, for there is a winter hike for every adventurer. From easy to strenuous, the Whiteface Region has a snowshoe hike for you to enjoy.

Here is a guide to help you get close to nature this winter, no matter your level of experience. 


Sunrise hotspots

There are several reasons why I am an early riser, but most importantly it is because I don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy a Lake Champlain sunrise. I’m lucky. My deck and backyard overlook the lake so I get a light show frequently. Believe me, sunrises here can be awesome; jaw-dropping even. Mother Nature can produce an absolutely fabulous display to welcome the new day. I will share a few pictures with you, but really my attempts at capturing the beauty are nothing like experiencing it in person.



Shooting the stars

The night sky is an amazing thing. Think about it this way: every star you look at is quite literally a part of the past. As fast as light travels -- nothing travels faster -- it still takes thousands and often millions of years to travel through the infinity of space. So by the time you see the light of a star that light has already been traveling for a very, very, long time.

There are a lot of things you can see in the night sky: stars, planets, comets, and the northern lights. The less light pollution -- the glow from streetlights, homes, skyscrapers, and so on -- there is around you, the less you can see. If you live in a city, the stars are there, but they're essentially hidden from you because of all the other light your eyes are taking in.

Fortunately for those of us in the Adirondacks, we don't have much light pollution and Tupper Lake, in particular, is known as a dark sky hotspot. It's also the location of the Adirondack Sky Center and Observatory, which hosts free public stargazing, educational programs, and other special events, such as its annual Sky Festival. Tupper Lake is ideal for stargazing and even photographing the night sky. Here are some suggestions on how to do both and enjoy the gorgeousness of the visible universe.



Becoming a hunter

How many sunrises have you seen this year? With my third season of hunting whitetail deer beginning, this question is never far from my mind. On those early mornings when my warm bed starts to look too comfortable to leave or when I am watching my breath dance in front of me in the woods I ask myself, “How many sunrises have I seen this year?” The fact that I am unable to answer this question reminds me of how lucky I am to be able to connect to nature through hunting season. In fact, one of the best parts of hunting in the Adirondacks is the connections you make with the land and with other hunters. 




Travel through time

In Saranac Lake, we love our history. From the region's earliest inhabitants — the Iroquois people who hunted here — through the first 19th century settlers to the development of the village as a health resort, Saranac Lake has plenty of stories to tell. We celebrate these stories in a lot of ways, including at museums, special events, and through unique tours. We especially love to share the history of our area with visitors. The next time you're in Saranac Lake, travel back in time with us at these fascinating historic sites.


No crowds, big slopes

Despite being in the wilds of the Adirondacks, on the weekends and holidays Whiteface Mountain is typically packed with people. It makes sense. With 3,430 feet of vertical, rowdy terrain, a top-notch ski school, and some of the best grooming and snowmaking on the East Coast, it’s not hard to believe that thousands flock from nearby metropolitan areas. Crowds of weekenders sliding down snow and taking in the breathtaking views from the High Peaks can congest the mountain. If you’re able to swing it, Whiteface midweek is when the mountain truly shines.


Cool finds and rustic treasures

If you are anything like me, when you have the chance to do some shopping, you love to wander around and spend time looking at everything. Whether you are in the market for a souvenir for yourself, a holiday gift for a loved one, or you’re just looking to kill a little time and wander around, I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favorite local shops.



Malone art scene

Pouring Light Studio's owner Michael Hart explained that this was a community art show, something atypical of the gallery's normal offerings. The show was more of an open call for artists, but he usually handpicks the work that graces the walls. There are certain qualities he looks for when deciding whose work to display, but the main thing he seeks is artists who take an introspective approach to their work. In that way, Michael said he is filling a niche in Malone.