Good Eats, Fat Tires, and Big Swings

Good Eats, Fat Tires, and Big Swings

Ease your cares away with an ADK vacay.


Inlet adventure

Fern Park is a free recreation park located on Loomis Road in Inlet, just off of South Shore Road. It has a mountain bike trail system (and in the winter, cross-country ski trails) that can go on for miles. There are different trails labeled beginner, intermediate, and difficult, and you can pick up a trail map that shows you the layout of the trail system. Fern Park has a great location, right around the corner from Pedals & Petals, a bike, flower, and gift shop. This was perfect because some of us needed to rent bikes before we could begin our adventure.


Rocking and rolling

There’s nothing quite like the sound of skateboard wheels on cement against a backdrop of “Know Your Enemy” by Rage Against the Machine. If you grew up in the ‘90s, it’s a classic thrasher scene: music blasting from speakers, young people hanging out, the cheers when a trick is landed, and the sound of palms and board slapping the ground when it’s not. But there are some differences, too. There are adults and young kids here, and the adults aren’t there to harass the skaters; some are intently watching while others are trying to land tricks of their own. It feels healthy and the sun is shining — everyone is in on the fun.


A day in Schroon Lake

If you frequently follow our Schroon Lake region blogs, you may have read my Schroon Lake Summer Bucket List, where I confessed having never been to Schroon Lake. Last week I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon in the wonderfully quaint town of Schroon, and I challenge you to do the same!


Mountaintop yoga

One thing I love about yoga is that it’s very minimal and you can practice anywhere. You don’t need a studio or a mat. You can practice inside or outside, in your bed, in the grass, at the beach, or even on top of a mountain. Lucky for us, we’re surrounded by endless mountains to practice yoga upon in the Adirondacks.


Birds and bogs

With nesting season in full swing, it is a good time to think about local summer birding sites in and around Tupper Lake. After all, the tracts of wild forest and the assortment of habitats in the area make for excellent adventuring and birding opportunities. Here are a few places you should consider checking out.


Learn from a pro

If I ever feel like I'm ready for a golf lesson, I know where I'll go: to the Malone Golf Club, where the courses are historic, gorgeous, and the pros are experienced, helpful, and a lot of fun. Pro Tom Siddon kindly shared some tips and useful info about the club, which is a fantastic place for beginners and long-time golfers to stretch their legs and take on some challenges. And did I mention that Babe Ruth played here?



Digging in to the gorge

Every twist and turn of the Ausable River provides a new perspective on one of this region’s scenic wonders. High Falls Gorge, a neighbor to Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington, NY, is no exception. For those looking to experience the wild rush of the Ausable River, this nature park has everything you want, and then some! 


Fresh food, local style

I love farmers markets! They truly are a feast for the senses; the sights, the smells and, with so many now featuring live music, even the sounds. Not only am I able to stock my fruit and vegetable bin with amazing flavors, I have discovered farmer' markets as a source for fresh baked goods, locally raised poultry, beef, and eggs, maple syrup, honey, jams, and jellies.  The list goes on. In addition, these markets are a great source for a wide variety of handcrafted items and unique finds.