Hot Pairings for Bikes, Boots, and Brews

Hot Pairings for Bikes, Boots, and Brews

Fall revelry, great eats, and hikes galore. 


A mountain of enjoyment

The time between winter skiing and summer activity at Whiteface Mountain is a great time to visit. When the snow is waiting to fall, there is so much fun to be had. The colors on this majestic mountain in autumn are beyond anything you can see on the mountains downstate or out west. The Adirondacks have the most beautiful fall days and the activities that go with them are just as amazing. Experience autumn on Whiteface Mountain and enjoy the activities that go along with the cool mountain air. 


Double the fun

Last fall I woke up on a brisk morning to venture out on a hiking and biking adventure just outside of Tupper Lake. I really like exploring new places, so when asked to bike into Hitchins Pond to hike up Lows Overlook, I happily accepted. This is a two-for-one adventure and a real bang for your buck, if you will. While the roundtrip distance of this bike and hike is 7.4 miles, both the bike in and the hike up are extremely beautiful, but not too difficult. In fact, it would be a great summer hike and bike or a fun winter snowshoe as well. The views from the top in winter would be spectacular.



46ers, family style

The Adirondacks is: childhood; collective experience; our benchmark for challenge and accomplishment; the where and how we developed physical and mental strengths that continue to serve us well today. Now urban-based and high-achieving, my siblings and I treasure the familiar wilderness that brings us together. Our shared, precise goal of reaching its 46 acmes spans generations.



Hiking + cheese

Picnics are the perfect way to enjoy local food, slow down, and enjoy that hard earned view. On a recent summer day my husband and I took advantage of a cooler summer day with no humidity; a high of 75, a cool breeze, and a clear sky. On days like this, the mountains practically call out to be visited. We abided the call and took to Cook Mountain on Baldwin road.


Good eats, farm fresh

A road trip through the farmland of northern Franklin County is scenic, serene, and delicious. Roads gently curve and stretch onward, and as you drive, you travel past bright green fields deep with corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and the occasional sunflower.

The fertile soils of northern Franklin County have supported farming for centuries, starting with the Iroquois and continuing today with the Amish and descendants of other European immigrants. Farming has always played an important role in the culture and economy here, and still does. My foodie boyfriend and I recently set out for a tour of local farm stands and markets to find veggies, explore, and learn a little bit more about this bountiful region. It was a great way to spend a day and I hope you'll consider trying it, too. After all, part of the fun of vacation is trying local food!


A beautiful new destination

I finally made it. After years spent drooling over photos and gazing longingly at maps, I was standing on the shore of Boreas Ponds, staring across its remote waters at the mountains of the Great Range. The sun was warm and it encouraged me to swim while the gentle breeze kept all but the most persistent deer flies at bay. If there is such a thing as heaven on earth, I have a feeling it feels a lot like this.




Taking on a challenge

How do you make the view from a mountaintop even better? Put a fire tower on top!

For the record, I generally disagree with building structures of any kind on a mountain. But the fire towers in the Adirondack Fire Tower Challenge have been there for a long time — the original versions were all erected more than 100 years ago — so I’m willing to give them a pass. That makes the skeletal-looking towers historic, which is cool, and it also makes for some pretty outstanding 360-degree views.


Colorful events

Fall is a favorite season for many locals and visitors alike. The days are full of crisp, clean air, and the nights are cool and cozy. You won’t find a prettier place to view the colors of the season. The mountains are painted in bold reds, oranges that pop, and vibrant yellows – a stunning contrast against the deep blue of the lakes.

To add to the beauty of the season is the excitement of all the fall fun to partake in! Check out the colorful happenings in store.