Just Add Memories

Just Add Memories

Bring the sunscreen and leave the scenery to us.


A Schroon cycling sampler

For a cyclist, finding the perfect route for a great day trip is an evergreen quest. Here’s my take: It would be on unfamiliar roads, but not too far away, and convenient to reach. It would be scenic, with a variety of great views and plenty of possible stopping places with mid-ride snacks and treats. The start/finish location would have plenty of parking and ready access to cycling supplies, post-ride refreshments, and a variety of lodging options if I felt like making it more than a day trip.

That perfect ride or in this case – a number of ride options — are closer than you think. The southern end of Essex County and southwestern Hamilton County feature some of the most incredibly rewarding rides, all of which are easily accessible from beautiful Schroon Lake. 


Queen of the flies

When a town has a river running through it, you can assume the fishing is going to be good. Brad Pitt said so. Malone is perfectly situated in a network of rivers, lakes, and streams. Rocky shorelines, fast streams, and deep pools have helped put Malone on the map for anglers. The surrounding network of water is also stocked with trout each year, making the conditions just right for holdovers.

After a recent guided trip on the Ausable River, I have officially deemed myself a fly fisherwoman. Eager to go again, I was also scheming up a way to make my boyfriend, Erik, fall in love with my newfound hobby. To Malone we went!


A perfectly perfect paddle

I'm going to tell you something that might surprise you. Paddling in the Adirondacks, whether by canoe or kayak, is an awesome activity, but there is no one spot that is epically, quintessentially Adirondack. There are thousands of lakes in the Adirondacks and each one has some quality of beauty that is uniquely perfect. What does make a paddle perfect is simply having the most fun you possibly can, enjoying your time surrounded by nature with someone awesome you can share it with.

In pursuit of a perfect paddle, my boyfriend and I recently visited Horseshoe Lake, located southwest of the village of Tupper Lake.


Where kids can be kids

School’s out for the summer and the kids want to play! Why not join them in the fun? A vacation to the Adirondacks offers plenty of opportunities to explore the outdoors, and it’s good fun for the entire family. Hike a mountain to scan the world from a fire tower at the summit. Paddle a lake. Go fishing. Relax on a sandy lakeside beach. The kids will make memories that last a lifetime. Here are some kid-approved adventures that will create those new memories and traditions centered around a love for the outdoors.


Get out and eat

Summer is meant for going "out" to eat. Enjoying the fresh Adirondack breeze while having a meal, snack, or just a milkshake is what makes the summer days and nights so much fun. Doing this with a view of Whiteface Mountain, or a pristine lake or roaring river close by make it even more special. Summer months in the Whiteface Region are full of adventure and activity. Sometimes it's hard to stop having fun just to eat a meal. Lucky for us, this has been perfected by great places where you can grab something delicious quickly, and make it part of your fun. In our family it is hard to get the kids to stop for an hour for a full dining experience. The summer months are short and they don't want to miss a moment of fun in the sun. Here are a few of our ideas and favorite spots to make nature part of our meal. Fun included. 


Mix and match single track

The Champlain Valley offers some excellent mountain biking opportunities for all abilities. The trails range from meandering rides through fields and forests to leg-burning climbs up to beautiful vistas.  


Paddling the VIC

With 3,000 lakes and ponds and 30,000 miles of rivers and streams, there is definitely no shortage of places to paddle in the Adirondacks. The crown jewel of paddling near Saranac Lake might be the Saint Regis Canoe Area, but another opportunity that's just next door offers paddlers a quiet place to put a boat in the water. The Paul Smith’s College VIC is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise: from cross-country skiing to birding to guided naturalists walks to celebrations of science, this facility truly has it all. Perhaps unknown to some visitors are the spectacular ponds on site. These ponds can be viewed from the water and from the trails and platforms that line the shores. 


Relax and enjoy the cruise

Board a cruise ship at Lake Placid Boat Tours and Marina and get ready for a day full of lake water, mountain air, and stunning sights. Hidden away from the bustle of downtown Lake Placid, down winding dirt roads and along pristine shores accessible only by boat, are the kinds of places most people only ever dream of. I would say it’s a window into how the other half lives, but that wouldn’t do it justice. It’s more like a view into how the fortunate few experience the Adirondacks. And, thanks to a Lake Placid Boat Tour, that view can be yours for a little while too.

Within walking distance of Main Street, the marina is a sight all its own. Named parking spots reserve place for the owners of the magnificent boats that fill every slip along the dock. Stop into the ticket house to secure your seat, then wait out on the dock for the show to begin. Once the captain gives the okay to board, settle into your seat and get ready for the six incredible sights you’ll see as you cruise Lake Placid lake.