Lake, Loops, and Wildlife

Lake, Loops, and Wildlife

Explore the Adirondacks this summer.


Walk on the wild side

Wildlife, up close; a singing forest; and a life-sized eagle's nest... 

The Wild Center is a 115-acre campus of outdoor trails and immersive indoor exhibits with hands-on learning for all ages. It has gained international attention because of its distinction as one of the world's best natural history museums, celebrating and teaching about the Adirondacks' fascinating natural world and cultural traditions.


Four facts about Fort Ti

Fort Ticonderoga has a lot of history to tell. After all, it has been in existence, in some way or another, since 1755. It has seen occupation by the British, French, Germans, and forces of an emerging nation: the United States of America.

Today, you can visit the fort to learn all about that rich and complex history, but what makes the fort truly stand out as a special destination is the way that the past is brought to life. A visit to Fort Ticonderoga, nicknamed America's Fort for the role it has played in American history, is an exciting adventure in living history, full of cannon fire, demonstrations of daily activities, music, and more. You'll find more here than you might expect; here are four highlights that show some of the coolest things you might not have known about the history and activities of the fort.


Cycling with a view

It’s no secret: The Adirondacks is a fabulous place to ride a bike. The area features miles and miles of low-traffic back roads and wide-shouldered main thoroughfares. But if you have to pick one location as a base for your first Adirondack road cycling experience, you’ll want to “Get Close” to Wilmington.

This region has the best of everything. It’s why Cycle Adirondacks features Wilmington on so many of its bike tours, including this summer’s Ultimate Cycling Vacation, recently named one of the “Best Supported Bike Tours in the Country” by Outside Magazine. 


Paddle Lower Saranac Lake

We set out early for a morning paddle on Fish Creek. We planned to paddle a half day, then head into town for lunch at Left Bank Café, followed by a massage. We really needed a break from our hectic lives, a day or two to completely let go and just relax, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be out in nature. We wanted to soak in the amazing views and look for wildlife. We were amazed to find a paddling route so close to downtown Saranac Lake that took us out into a remote area.

We unloaded our canoes on Lower Saranac Lake at Ampersand Bay boat launch, parked our car, and set out for our half-day paddle down Fish Creek.


Hot summer events

With its gorgeous views and unique venues, Lake Placid is a fun spot for sunny and exciting summer events. Here are seven options to help you plan your summer adventure.


Lake life

Anywhere you go in the Adirondacks during summer is going to be great. Lakes, mountains, fields, and streams – it’s all great. But why settle for great when you could have spectacular? Schroon Lake is a small, unassuming mountain town located between Lake George and Lake Placid that provides the perfect summertime oasis. Schroon Lake’s options for water recreation are as rewarding as they are relaxing. Cruise on a motorboat, ride the tide of the wind in a sailboat, or paddle your own way on a kayak, canoe, or stand up paddleboard. I recently enjoyed my first Schroon Lake experience – so much so that I didn’t want to leave!


Summer at the museum

Years ago, my grandfather planned a family day trip to the Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake. He drove, my grandmother sat in front — the easier to distract my grandfather — and my mother and I sat in the backseat. From Plattsburgh, the drive to Blue Mountain Lake seemed interminably long, punctuated by Grandpa’s patented distracted wanderings into the wrong lane, usually when a tractor trailer was bearing down on us from the opposite direction. Getting to the museum, much less home, seemed doubtful.

Yet make it to the museum we did and it was a wonderful day for our merry, multi-generational group. Founded in 1947, the museum, now known as Adirondack Experience, the Museum on Blue Mountain Lake, preserves the history of the Adirondacks, big and small, famous and less so. Since its founding, it’s been a great, secluded place for families to visit, including mine, a spirit that the museum carries on with vigor to this day.


Family-friendly camping

About 25 miles south of Malone, NY on State Camp Road in Duane, you'll find one of several family friendly campgrounds in Northern Franklin County. Each year, my family and I pack up the truck and head to Meacham Lake for some good family fun. Let me share with you why we look forward to camping every year