R&R Adirondack Style

R&R Adirondack Style

Visit the ADK for maple syrup, delicious cheese, and other sweet treats.


Winter indulgence

When it comes to quality of life, there is no place like the Adirondacks. It’s true, a lot of people visit the region to explore the outdoors, but the same mountains, lakes, and fresh air that inspire the adventurous also make it the perfect place for rejuvenation and indulgence. And for the record, indulging doesn’t always mean a day at the spa, but it certainly can!


Take a hike

Spring is fast approaching on the Adirondack Coast, and that means it’s time to hike. It also means the trails are likely to still be covered in snow, so if you’re coming from someplace warm don’t forget to pack those snowshoes.

In the Lake Champlain Region, many of the hikes are low elevation so they don’t require a full day to finish. One of the best places to start is the Champlain Area Trails, an ever-expanding collection of trails for hiking, snowshoeing, and Nordic skiing. There are other options, too, like the Blueberry Hill Trails described below. Whatever you pick, prepare to be dazzled by views of Lake Champlain, the High Peaks, the Green Mountains of Vermont, or all three at once!


It's so cheesy

Did you know that in the Whiteface Region, there are two outstanding cheesemakers within a 20-minute drive from each other? Cheese lovers shouldn’t miss either one — the farms are as different from one another as their cheeses are delicious — and both offer Airbnb rentals, so it’s entirely possible to get the full night-at-the-farm experience. 

I recently toured Asgaard Farm & Dairy and Sugar House Creamery to taste their cheeses and learn a little about how they do things. I was immediately reminded of how beautiful Adirondack farms are. Animals graze in rolling pastures, and barns are dwarfed by the nearby mountains. It’s a hard life, farming on this landscape, and like a lot of things in the Adirondacks the hardworking people who do it pull it off by combining passion and knowledge with a bit of creativity. The farmers’ stories are as much about their own experiences as they are about these mountains. 


Locavore love

Tupper Lake is a special community because the people here have a DIY attitude. This means the locals work together to support each other's creative projects, which range from microbreweries to screen printing. Below is a list focused on some of the local makers specializing in food. The selection represents the best in quality and some of my favorites. Why not shop and buy local? It's great for the local makers, it's great for our communities, and it's great for your appetite.



Sweet sugarhouses

It's that time again in New York where we celebrate everything maple. This year's New York's Maple Weekend, sponsored by the New York State Maple Producers' Association will be March 23-24 and 30-31, 2019. These two weekends are a time when producers open up their operations for tours, sampling, and some even have pancake breakfasts. Northern Franklin County is home to thousands of acres of sugar bushes so here are a few that I would recommend.


What's new downtown

One of my favorite things to do in Lake Placid is take a walk and check out what's new in town. From menus to merchandise, there is always something different to try and see. Recently I have noticed that there are great new additions to Lake Placid that go beyond the little things. There are new businesses, and businesses in fresh locations. Here is a guide to what is new, and where you can find some of your favorites in new spots. Take a walk and check them out. 


Who doesn't love maple?

At the time of this writing I’m curled up in front of my wood stove, drinking tea and watching the frost send tendrils up my windows. The days are getting longer but winter’s hold is still tight. Sugaring, or maple syrup-ing, marks the first whisper of an approaching spring every year — the sweetness isn’t just a metaphor for the anticipated change of season — it’s the literal energy force of our waking forests. When maple trees sense rising temperatures they send sap, or stored carbohydrates, from their roots upwards to the tree canopy- this is what maple farmers mean when they say the “sap is running.” That sap provides the nutrition necessary for the tree to develop new buds; buds become leaves; leaves spend the long summer days capturing and photosynthesizing energy from the sun; that energy is then converted to sap and stored in roots for the winter and the next budding cycle. 


4 ways to enjoy winter

You may be thinking “I’m getting the winter blues and I need a vacation,” and I know the first thing that pops into you heard is somewhere tropical, but why not try something different? The Adirondacks has so much fun to offer right now! Here are the top 4 ways to enjoy winter in the Adirondacks.