Spring Into the ADK

Spring Into the ADK

Start here when planning your spring and summer getaway to the ADK.


It's great to be green

When the Adirondack Park was created in 1892 by New York state, it was on the brink of widespread deforestation. Luckily, the Adirondack Forest Preserve was established in 1894 and the mountains became recognized as a constitutionally protected Forever Wild area. Since then, various groups, locals, and the state of New York have been fighting to keep it that way, but it isn’t just on them to preserve this beautiful region — it is all of our responsibility to protect the Adirondack Mountains and its villages, including Lake Placid.

I feel lucky to live in Lake Placid, a place where travelers flock to enjoy the vast wilderness, and I want to help inspire people to keep it that way. An outdoor mecca of sorts, the Adirondacks is a unique region dotted with small communities  that are woven together by nothing other than the largest mountains in New York. Perhaps my opinion is a bit biased because I live here, but I consider Lake Placid to be among the best of those communities. My outlook for the future of Lake Placid and the Adirondacks as a whole remains positive because so many people are passionate about this place; however, we must be reminded that doesn't come without hard work and paying attention to the decisions we make while here. Maybe you’ve ditched straws, plastic bottles, or fast fashion — here are a few more ways to keep up those green initiatives while on vacation.  


Family fun in the Whiteface Region

It's pretty hard to ignore Whiteface Mountain when you're in Wilmington, but did you know we also have mountain bike trails, a beach, and a park where Christmas is a year-round event? Read on to learn more!


Starry night

Stargazing never fails to fill my soul with happiness and put a lasting smile on my face. It's an adventure that never gets old, because each night is slightly different. On cloudy nights when you can only make out a few stars, you still get to experience the silky clouds moving across the sky. On a clear night you'll get to see planets, the Milky Way, and, if you're lucky, a shooting star will streak across the sky. Don't forget to make a wish! 


Food has a story

Fiddlehead Bistro is a work of art. If you’re in downtown Saranac Lake you can’t miss it — it’s the bright yellow building on the corner of Broadway and Dorsey streets, right next to the Saranac River. Detailing on the outside is simple. There’s a nod to the restaurant’s namesake flora, and a small iron snail that says a lot about the food. It’s delicate, beautiful, and not for people in a rush.


Get ready to paddle

It may seem strange to read (or in my case, write) a canoeing blog when all of our lakes are frozen solid, but with longer days, warmer temperatures, and spring breezes coming, the ice will eventually break up. Add to that the extra hour of daylight we just picked up at the end of the day (I love it when we change the clocks in the spring. Daylight Saving Time rocks!), and we’ve got months ahead which are made for outdoor exploration and adventure. And so, even as I’ll be enjoying cross-country skiing for as long as it lasts (hopefully a while longer), it isn’t too early to start thinking about spring and the paddling season.

Paddling trips can take many different forms. They can be on flatwater, whitewater, on lakes, on ponds, on rivers, through marshes, or through woodlands. And they can be overnights, full days, or partial day paddles. While many paddles can be extended by creative planning to fit multiple days, it is often simpler to just grab your boat and head out for part of a day. So here are a few of my favorite paddles in Hamilton County which can be covered in a couple hours or in half or most of a day if you wanted to linger that long.


North Country wares

Shopping in Malone is a unique and fun experience because what Malone has to offer is not often found elsewhere. You won't find those designer shops that sell the same clothing and bags, you'll instead find something a bit more exclusive.


Spring birding in Schroon

It is sometimes difficult to remind yourself that spring is coming – complete with warm sun, green leaves, and baseball – when winter continues to dominate the landscape. While my cross-country skis and I don’t complain about that arrangement (we love it when the snow persists for a long time), it is nice to look forward to spring birds, which will soon be migrating through the region on their way north, or arriving to nest locally. For those of you who likewise are anticipating the arrival of many of our spring and summer residents, here are a few places to check out this spring once the seasons change.


Ti springtime primer

While the temperatures are still cold in the Adirondacks, the smell of spring's arrival is in the air and plans for the year ahead are being finalized. With so much happening throughout the Ticonderoga area we encourage you to make your overnight reservations (rooms are filling fast) as soon as possible and experience all the area has to offer. As spring approaches, many of our attractions, museums, and seasonal eateries will open bringing a renewed sense of energy to the region. This is a sure sign of spring and the warmer weather ahead. 

Whatever the season, the Ticonderoga area offers a wide variety of unsurpassed scenic beauty, rich history, arts and cultural opportunities, and recreational activities. Did you know that in one day you can experience our rich history by visiting our historic sites and museums, as well as the future at Star Trek Original Series Set Tour? You can also experience Lake Champlain (Ticonderoga Ferry Landing & Boat Launch) and Lake George (Ticonderoga Black Point Beach, Mossey Point Boat Launch, Snug Harbor Marina) all without leaving Ticonderoga.