Start the Year Off ADK Style

Start the Year Off ADK Style

In the Adirondacks, we like to get out and celebrate year round.


70 winters at Oak

Back in the day, Oak bore the distinction of having the longest T-bar lift in New York state. Somewhere in its 70 winters the mountain lost that title, but that’s OK. Oak is the kind of place that captures a sense of timelessness. Some things have changed, many things have remained the same, and Oak’s husband-and-wife co-owners Laura and Matt O’Brien couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the mountain’s 70th anniversary on Feb. 2.


An LP itinerary

I'm not saying call in sick when you aren't sick. I am saying that taking time off on work days has pleasant surprises. From lesse stress to saving money, consider the midweek advantages. A midweek visit to Lake Placid feels like having the place to yourself. Embrace that feeling. 


Birding where it counts

Like everything else during the holiday season, Christmas Bird Counts (CBCs) sneak up on me before I am ready. There are emails a few months before the date, followed by more emails, and then the day arrives and I’m somehow mystified as to how that happened. Chalk it up to busyness and far too much to do.


ESWG events in Malone

This year Malone will be abuzz with so many ways to be part of the 2019 Empire State Winter Games. It's also the perfect opportunity to chase away those winter blues and create long lasting memories with the family!


Snowshoe the well-traveled path

Climbing a mountain in the winter requires a lot of preparation and a bunch of gear. It’s fun, beautiful, and rewarding but it’s also a lot of work. The good news is snowshoeing doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, if you can walk, you can snowshoe! 


Ski this: Lake Clear

With the snow flying in November like it did, Wren, my dog, and I were happy to begin our ski season a bit earlier this year. And even when early December brought us a bit of rain (a four-letter word familiar to anyone who skis), we had plenty of base to survive until our next round of snow -- for which we didn't have long to wait.


The zen getaway

The Schroon Lake Region is a wonderful place to go when you want to explore and relax at your own pace. It is a special slice of the Adirondacks that has welcoming terrain for winter treks, and some surprises when it comes to sophisticated dining and shopping. 

Here are some ideas to craft the kind of unique getaway only the Schroon Lake Region can provide.