Tee Up to Summer Fun

Tee Up to Summer Fun

Have a blast with an ADK summer adventure. 


Triad or bust

In the aftermath of a long, rainy spring in the Adirondacks, when hiking in the High Peaks is a no-go due to trail fragility, it can be hard to maintain the level of sanity needed to enjoy life. Luckily, there are smaller mountains out there with beautiful, mood-enhancing views with hardier trails. Three of these mountains can be found near Tupper Lake: Goodman, Coney, and Arab. And when the sun finally shines after a stretch of cloudy skies, you may even feel inclined to hike all three in one day like we did. It's not as intimidating as it sounds. Hike all three and you can call yourself a Tupper Lake Triader. There's a patch and everything!


Summer lovin'

You're engaged! Congrats! Now that you've said "yes" and are starting to think about saying "I do," why not an Adirondack wedding? Waterfalls, rocky peaks with stunning views, and fragrant forests — the natural beauty of the Whiteface region makes it the perfect spot for a scenic and adventurous destination wedding.

Riverside or mountaintop, we've got the scoop on the prettiest places and cool details to help you plan your dream wedding. Here are all the essentials for making your big day a celebration of love that's totally you, whether it's classic, modern, or rustic.


Hot summer nightlife

Walk the streets of Saranac Lake during the day and you’ll find local art galleries, charming coffee shops, and a wide variety of eclectic boutiques. It’s the scene you expect in a picturesque mountain town. Step out downtown at night, however, and you will find an active nightlife, especially in warm summer months when the party spreads to outdoor spaces. 

From the laid-back to the refined and everything in between, discover what Saranac Lake’s nightlife has to offer. Whereas some destinations become stale after a few days, Saranac Lake has options to keep you busy all week.


Farm store trip

One of the best ways to make the most out of a scenic drive, or bicycle trip, is to incorporate food, and an absolutely stunning ride for views and food in the Adirondacks is through the Lake Champlain region. To the east is Lake Champlain, a 490 square mile lake known as the fifth Great Lake. It's massive, majestic, and humbling. Aside from views of this lake, a drive in the region will have you coasting along the Ausable River and Boquet River. Below you’ll find a road trip I took and recommend through this scenic region with stops along the way at farm stores where you can stock up on everything from salami, to cheese, to locally made crafts. Not only will you be stocking up on delicious food, but one of the most fulfilling ways to shop is buying direct from the producers. 

Bookended by Lake Champlain and mountains, you will experience rolling hills on smooth, quiet country roads. More important, though, might be the experience you'll have stopping at farms in this fertile region and seeing firsthand why the Lake Champlain Valley is becoming a unique foodie destination. There's a growing movement of small, sustainable farms in the Adirondacks. It's camera and plate worthy. Your friends back home will be jealous that your T-shrt that reads "I Support Local Farmers," isn't just a fashion statement.


This way to summits

The 46 High Peaks are awe-inspiring, alluring, and mysterious. The deep valleys between the mountains are wet and mossy green, and boulders punctuate the open forests there, creating an impressive preview of the towering cliffs, rocky summits, and landslide scars found up high. Striking and spectacular, these peaks beckon hikers looking for a challenge — and make no mistake, climbing any one of them is indeed a challenge. 

While the bulk of hikers head to the popular trailheads found in the northern section of the High Peaks Region, those aren’t the only places from which to access these mountains. Dozens of peaks can be summited from the two major access points that are off of Route 28, between Newcomb and Schroon Lake. The trails are just as scenic as the northern routes, but they’re often less crowded.




Swing into the Adirondacks

Home to three scenic golf courses —Inlet, Cedar River, and Lake Pleasant —Hamilton County offers a variety of golfing experiences in the heart of the vast and beautiful Adirondacks. Enjoy a casual game on a championship course, perfect your swing under the guidance of golf pros, or play in a community tournament to benefit a local charity.



Back in the saddle

Enjoy a group ride with friends through miles of gently rolling farmland. Or find your solitude on unpaved tracks through primeval forest. Test yourself on challenging climbs or enjoy a relaxed cruise on the flats. Malone has it all.



High peak exercises

The sun is out and the Adirondack mountains are calling your name. Maybe it’s been on your bucket list to hike an Adirondack High Peak? Maybe you are also a little unsure if you are physically ready to do it? Not everyone is lucky enough to live in an area that you can take advantage of the elevation all year round, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself ready to hike a mountain here!

Most often when people get injured hiking it is on the downhill because their legs are already tired and their coordination, balance, and strength are not prepared for the descent. The concentric (shortening) muscle actions that are used going up the mountain are able to withstand longer durations of activity. Eccentric is the lengthening motion of a muscle, and that motion will tire more easily and takes longer to recover, therefore it is a good idea to do some basic strength and conditioning work before heading up a mountain.

Here are some exercises you can do to prepare you for your Adirondack hiking adventures this summer!