Zip and Flow Through the 'Dacks

Zip and Flow Through the 'Dacks

It's not too late to make it an ADK summer.


Kidding around the ADK Hub

It’s easy to find something to do in the Adirondacks, especially if you like being outside, but it can be hard figuring out where to begin. If you’re traveling with the family, that can be even more difficult as differing ideas converge on what makes a fun day a fun day. Yes, it’s beautiful here — the question is, what is the best way to experience it and make a range of ages happy? Keep reading to find out!




Plan for fall foliage

Do you have a favorite season? Sometimes I think spring is my favorite, with the refreshing, sudden bursts of green after a long winter. When it's a snowy day, with almost infinite tiny flakes tumbling through the air, I like winter best. In the end, though, I love fall the most, without a doubt. I love everything about it, from the masses of pumpkins to the cool air and the crunch of crisp leaves. My mother used to scold me to pick up my feet when I walk, but in the fall I can't help but shuffle, just so I can hear the swishing sound of leaves moving underfoot. As you start to think about your fall adventures, here are a few ways to enjoy amazing Adirondack scenery by boat, foot, and car.



Camp by boat, camp by car

Camping is one of the best ways to experience the natural beauty, serenity, and wildness of the Adirondacks. For many, it is also a cherished family tradition that brings back wonderful memories and helps us reconnect with those closest to us. Growing up, my parents frequently brought my brother and I to the Adirondacks to camp. In addition to building a stronger bond between us, it also helped me form a strong connection with the Adirondacks — so much so that I eventually made it my home. Recently, my dad came to visit and we decided to recreate some of my greatest childhood memories — and make some more — by going camping at Forked Lake Campground in the heart of the Adirondacks.


Find your flow

Even as volunteers dug and mapped 75 miles of mountain bike trails within minutes of her house, Lake Placid resident Sophie McClelland chose to get her adventure fix the old-fashioned way: in hiking boots, exploring the region by foot.

“It’s hard to invest in a mountain bike when you can explore out the front door on your feet,” says the 29-year-old, whose knowledge of the area’s hiking trails and swimming holes is encyclopedic.

But then a friend loaned McClelland a hardtail bike. And suddenly, she understood what the big deal was all about. “Mountain biking is not just about an ultimate destination,” she says. “It’s about all the thrills along the way.”


Big swings

The grass is shamrock green, the mountains proudly stand sentry in the distance, the birds are chirping, and the air is a crisp-yet-warm 75 degrees. It's a fine day for a walk around the greens and fairways at the Tupper Lake Golf Club. Of all the ways to play outside in the Adirondacks, golfing is one of my favorites. And for those of you who don't play, I urge you to give it a try. It's a chance to be in a beautiful setting and get some exercise while challenging yourself and improving your concentration.

The Tupper Lake Golf Club is unpretentious and priced attractively, but with all the expected amenities of a manicured club. That's why I chose to visit and sign up for a lesson.


Zip through Lake Placid

You will often find me on top of a mountain peak, but it isn’t often you will find me on a mountain in harness flying 35-feet in the air through the trees. This is not the ordinary way to experience the Adirondacks, but it is the one of the most extraordinary ways to experience the amazing outdoors. 

Established by the town of North Elba in 1983, Scott's Cobble is the 462nd highest peak in New York state. It stands 2,549 feet in elevation, forming the western edge of the Craig Wood Golf Course. What once used to be a beloved ski area for Lake Placid families has been reinvented, bringing families back to experience this remarkable neck of the woods in a whole new way. Seeing parts of the old tow rope still intact at the top of the mountain, I couldn’t help but wonder how many fond memories locals carry with them of this area. Now Experience Outdoors at Scott's Cobble is creating new and exciting ways to access this area that will leave lasting memories for new generations to carry with them. 


Women's golf adventures

Think golf is for men who have retired? Think golf takes too much time and commitment? Think again! Many ladies start playing golf because their husbands play, but they quickly realize that golf isn't just a delightful and challenging sport, it is also a great way to spend the day with friends and family. Playing golf is great, low-impact exercise, and easy on the body's joints for the young and old. The game allows you to focus on the activity while enjoying the scenic vistas and fresh air our north country offers in abundance.



Fun on the cob

Few foods speak "summer" to me like corn on the cob. It has to be locally grown and fresh picked from the field, preferably that day. Locals have their favorite farms and stands they frequent. Counter debates at the local diner will compare local farmers’ produce like it was a favorite sports team, but touting characteristics like color, sweetness, and flavor. They do all agree on one thing, however: sweet corn is a summer meal essential.

Let me share with you two great opportunities to enjoy our region’s corn. One will be for flavor, one for an experience.