Snowplace Like the ADK

Snowplace Like the ADK

New snow means great opportunities for winter adventure and activities.


Heaven Under Our Feet

Picture it: the Adirondack Mountains, 20,000 years ago. An astonishingly vast and thick sheet of ice covers all of what would one day be northern New York state. The ice is a mile thick. Far beneath the ice was the uplifting Adirondack dome, which would be carved and shaped as the glacier eventually retreated. (Fun fact: the Adirondacks are still being uplifted, at a rate of about 2mm per year.) The world left behind evolved into something unique, rugged, beautiful, and dangerous. It's here for you to explore, right now. You can learn all about this and explore the wildness of the Adirondacks not far from Tupper Lake, at the Paul Smith's College Visitor Interpretive Center (VIC).


A Historic Snowshoe Hike

When the snow is right, there is nothing better than a snowshoe hike up a mountain. And Saranac Lake has a few options that will satisfy any snowshoer. Looking in all directions just north of town, a few mountains rise above others on the horizon: Whiteface, McKenzie, and, of course, St. Regis. St. Regis Mountain stands as a watchful sentinel over the St. Regis Canoe Area, where pristine ponds and unspoiled forests beckon recreationalists all year round. Atop the mountain is a fire tower; it’s been there for over 100 years. With a rich history, this mountain has something for everyone. And in the winter, a layer of snow gives it a magical touch.


Mountain-sized Flavor

Nestled in the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains, Lake Placid has a mountain town vibe with plenty of local color. As a two-time Olympic Winter Games host city, you might expect history and adventure around every corner, but the village also features exceptional, adventurous food that might surprise you with its complexity and creativity. Not just a playground for sports, this is a destination for chefs to play with flavor and an abundance of local ingredients, creating acclaimed, award-winning restaurants.


Winter Hiking in the High Peaks

Giant, rugged and alluring, the Adirondack High Peaks have an almost magnetic draw for adventurous hearts. Approaching these mountains from the Schroon Lake Region gives hikers one of the most remote access points there is, heightening the unique wilderness experience. There is more to these mountains than just beauty and intrigue, though. Towering at over 4,000ft, the High Peaks – often referred to as the 46 – are incredibly challenging, featuring steep inclines, rough trail, long miles, and, especially in the winter, difficult conditions. Before attempting a winter hike in the High Peaks, consider the following six tips.


Perfecta Trifecta

While Inlet is a bustling little town with plenty of shopping, eating, and adventures to offer, one snowshoeing trek — well, three — will earn you a patch and honor as a Fulton Chain Trifecta hiking challenge finisher. Consisting of three family-friendly hikes between Inlet and Old Forge, everyone in your group will appreciate stretching their legs — whether you’re here for hiking, snowmobiling, or just hanging out. By snowshoeing the three mountains — Rocky, Black Bear, and Bald (Rondaxe) — you’ll not only get a taste of what the Inlet area has to offer for hikers, but you’ll also take in views of the Fulton Chain of lakes that others simply won’t get.


Preparing for a Winter Hike in the Whiteface Region

The thought of hiking usually brings to mind buggy summer days and scenic fall foliage, but winter hiking is great, too! In fact, it’s one of the most epic winter activities you can experience in the Adirondacks – so long as you come prepared. While the Whiteface Region is full of winter hiking options just waiting to be explored, no winter hike should be attempted without the proper gear and knowledge. As fun as winter hiking is – and I promise, it is fun – the stakes are higher than in other seasons. Cold weather and difficult conditions require additional effort, both before and during your hike. Before you set off for that snow-covered peak, prepare for your winter hike by following these four tips.


Outdoor Winter Fun on the Adirondack Coast

Our Adirondack winters might be long, but that just means we have more time to get outside and have fun! The Lake Champlain Region is full of exciting activities and events that will keep you moving on cool winter days. Whether you’re here to ski, skate, or fish, we’ve got something that will surely heat up your winter.